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Outsourcing Beauty: The Business of Being Beautiful

Posted on May 29, 2017

Personal care products are a necessity the world over. As in the Philippines, outsourcing beauty has become even more popular. With the growth of the country’s business process outsourcing industry, more and more beauty brands have made business deals in the country. Brands such as Avon and Human Nature have incentive programs that consumers can avail, as well as customer service representatives that can address their concerns.

As most beauty brands are owned by large corporations (think Estee Lauder and L’Oreal Cosmetics) they often need manpower that their own services cannot simply provide, especially if they ship outside of their home countries. Utilizing outsourcing as a tool in order to truly succeed make it easier for these brands to reach out to customers, and ask for customer feedback.

Being able to reach out to one’s fans and create personalized connections only adds to the brand building of a certain beauty company. One way that they utilize this is through crowdsourcing and social media. Social media has provided a great tool in order to hear customer concerns firsthand. They can provide feedback on future products, formulas, pigments, and the like. A brand may also partner with other aspects of pop culture in order to bring limited edition products for sale, such as the case between Disney and Human Nature, or celebrity endorsers of Avon that include Angel Locsin and Kathryn Bernardo.

Social media has also created a format for brands to boost their platforms, and really advertise to their network as they are already guaranteed fans. Users of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram follow brands that they love, and as such provide comments as to how to improve products.

As these brands grow and develop, outsourcing back office work and customer service representatives is the best option for them as it creates a wider platform.



Outsourcing Beauty: The Business of Being Beautiful,