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Outsourcing to get boost through offshore gaming accounts

Posted on June 19, 2017

The offshore gaming market is eyeing the Philippines as its new source of outsourcing talent. International property consulting firm Pronove Tai notes that it is a “strong but beleaguered” sector in the market. This means that the demand for office spaces has gone up, from 20% since March of this year. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) classifies offshore gaming companies as either licensed operators or service providers, adding to the demand for technology and IT staffing.

Rise in Office Space to Outsourcing and Offshore Gaming, Delayed?

However, the slowdown of the accreditation process of new buildings (as dictated by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority) has led to clients taking a second look in investing in the country. As business process outsourcing services are part of the “service provider” group as classified by PAGCOR, these jobs would often mean providing customer support and virtual assistance.

An additional Php 10 billion could possible arise from offshore gaming investments, as the Philippines is the first — and so far only — country in Asia to license such activities.



Offshore gaming boosts demand for PH office space, The Philippine Daily Inquirer