Futurologists on 2015: Year of Domestic Robots & 3D Printed Food

A smart home full of devices connected to each other, as well as domestic robots are closer than we think, according to one futurologist. This year has seen a rush in the popularity of smart gadgets, with items like 3D printers and smart thermostats making it onto Christmas lists for the first time. The trend is a sign of the wa - Read More »

Face Unlock Technology: The End of Password

A new app has marked yet another breakthrough in biometrics by using your face to log on to a website - instead of a password. True Key takes a photo of your face with the computer’s camera and stores it for later use. When you want to use a password-protected website such as your email, the app scans your face and matches it with its records - removing the - Read More »

First Step To Transition Your Career To Analytics: Identify Your Ideal Job

Understand the analytics landscape and identify your ideal analytics job So, what constitutes an analytics job? Is it the same as big data job? The analytics landscape is fraught with over-hyped and over-used terms, so before we go further, here are some brief clarifications of some of the terminology. Believe it or not, “analytics” is not synonymous with “Big Data� - Read More »

Five Conferences & Events Tech Entrepreneur’s Should Consider

2015 promises to be a big year for Tech entrepreneurs and start-ups, with wearables and the internet of things likely to be the fields where we see the most progress. Other areas where expectation will be high and new ideas under scrutiny will be the imperfect science of mobile marketing, targeted ads in general and how to accurately measure customer reach, big data analytics and, hopefully, the r - Read More »

Robust BPO Sector Driving Up Demand for Office Space

The robust growth of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry would sustain the demand for office space in Manila this year, according to global property consultancy firm Cushman & Wakefield. In its research publication titled “Asia-Pacific Office Forecast 2015-2016” released in December, Cushman & Wakefield noted that the Philippine economy was “expected to continue on its - Read More »