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Just like web designers, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts use their knowledge in the marketing aspect of website creation and maintenance to help establish the presence of their client’s brand through the Internet. But while web designers are concerned with the look and feel of the website, SEM and SEO experts look beyond that.

Through various tools and search engine marketing strategies, SEM and SEO experts try to explore the psyche of their client’s target market to know what their current demands are. Through this, and the combined efforts of the web developers and designers as well as writers, they are able, not only make presence of their client’s brand known to a wider audience, but have also expanded their client base at the smallest possible cost.

Case Study

An entrepreneur wanted to know how his Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad campaign was doing. The problem is, the landing page only contains text with a flat and boring headline and poor content. In other words, the landing page was a dead end. The results: high bounce rates and an ad campaign that’s not earning him anything. Conversion rates are yet to be determined while Cost Per Action (CPA) is continually on the rise.

Hiring an in-house Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialist would be a viable option. However, an additional manpower would mean more expenses, and that does not include the exorbitant salaries requested by some local Internet marketers.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, was the answers to the entrepreneur’s prayers. At half the cost, the team of outsourced Internet marketers and web developers were able to create a landing page with:

  • • An informative, and high quality content with a clear headline that matches the ad message
  • • No pop-up links and other distractions
  • • A web form to eliminate the need for end user to click on another link to be redirected to another page

The entrepreneur was able to gauge the conversion rate of his Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad campaign easily and reduce the Cost Per Action (CPA) at the same time.

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