Web Designers

Web Designers

Web designers and web developers make a powerful tandem in the business of creating websites. While developers work at the back end to make sure that a website is functioning well, designers use their knowledge and expertise in design conceptualization to guarantee that a client’s website will not only capture the fancy of online users, but will also turn them into potential customers.

But the job of the designers doesn’t end there. The designers continue to make websites look even better making the necessary improvements on their features, and look and feel.

With a web designer, rest assured your website will not only be up and working, but will also be working for you.

Case Study

In order to keep up with the times, a business owner wanted to overhaul the look and feel of his company website. Currently, his website has flash content, which won’t run in mobile browsers.

Hiring a team of experienced web developers and designers locally were out of the question, considering the cost. Plus the additional expenses of training them and possibly expanding his office to accommodate them can put a huge dent on his wallet.

Outsourcing web design and development projects were his best bet.

With a team of outsourced web designers and web developers working hand in hand, his website was given a whole new look which end users found more appealing. In addition, the website was redesigned to run in mobile web browsers, thus expanding his company’s client base even further.

But their job didn’t stop there. These designers and developers worked even harder to keep the client’s website up-to-date and working well, despite the constantly changing trends in Information Technology.

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