How Smart Sports Equipment Turns Phones Into Coaches

Smart sports technology can give instant feedback about performance, such as this attachment from Zepp that fits onto a bat.
After losing a particularly intense game of tennis, you drop your racket and storm o - Read More »

How To Get An Expert Guide on Digital Banking

Chris Skinner has been blogging,  about banking and technology, speaking at conferences, running the Financial Services Club,  in London and other cities, consulting with bankers and getting to know just about everybody innovating in banking in the US, Europe and a number - Read More »

CES 2015: Five Big Things To Watch

You have probably been hearing quite a bit in recent months about the Internet of Things coalescing into a major high tech business opportunity. You are likely to hear a lot more about this during the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Internet of Things converges intelligent products and services that communicate with each other, and with people, over global networks. As - Read More »

Financial Firms Need to Reorganize to Face Today’s Cyber Threat

Over the past two decades, the financial services industry has dramatically accelerated its rate of product development.  The first online banking service was introduced in the U.S. in 1994, and, since then, customers have benefited from product innovations such as contactless card payments, mobile banking apps and person-to-person payments. Unfortunately, each time financial institutions offe - Read More »

Trends On Shaping The Future Of Customer Service This 2015

In the future customer service will become increasingly savvy about how to deal with issues early on, even preventing them. Mobile technology, sensors and voice recognition will allow companies to communicate with the customer and add value in new ways. However most companies just aren’t there yet. They’re still figuring out social support. So as you toast to the New Year I encourage you to - Read More »