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Outsourcing IT security takes high priority

Posted on June 20, 2017

IT security threats are increasing, and IT departments are countering these threats by increasing the IT security outsourcing. In the recently released Computer Economics IT Outsourcing Statistics 2016, study suggests that surveyed IT departments were planning to increase the amount of outsourced IT security.

It is unmistakable that organizations have no plans on decreasing the amount of work they are planning to outsource. Threats are improving, and organizations need to be better and more secured. Organizations are gradually shifting from mere threat prevention to threat detection – this requires special set of skills which leads organizations to outsource more.

Outsource for Small Organizations

Small organizations are now outsourcing as much as large organizations. 6.7 percent of a small organization’s IT budget goes to outsourcing. On the other hand, large organization’s IT budget that goes to BPOs 6.3 percent. A factor of this is the cheaper and more scalable offerings by service providers. Hosted solutions and cloud are gaining popularity among small organizations.

Based on the IT Outsourcing Statistics study this year:

  • The most frequently outsourced function is application development, and continues to take larger parts of the IT budget of organizations.
  • Help desk and disaster recovery functions have the largest percentage of work to outside service providers.
  • IT security, disaster recovery, and web operations are the functions with the greatest chance of improvement.
  • Functions like desktop support, disaster recovery, and database administration can save money and improve service levels. Thus, delivering the best value.


Security Outsourcing becoming top priority,