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Six billion one hundred million – surely a huge number but what does 6.1 billion stands for? In the year 2020, four years from now, it is expected that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users around the world. This proves that greater number of people is using smartphones than desktop. Due to this, mobile applications are in demand, are used to promote products or services, and are the perfect products to market in application stores or throughout the Internet.


What are mobile applications? Mobile applications or mobile apps are applications developed for small handheld devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, personal digital assistant (PDA), and so on. Mobile apps can come preloaded on the handheld device, as well as can be downloaded by users from app stores or the Internet. Based on statistics, eighty nine percent (90%) of the time spent on smartphones or any handheld device is through mobile applications. This 90% is divided between the seven types of mobile apps. These types of mobile apps are: utilities mobile app, entertainment mobile app, games mobile app, news mobile app, productivity mobile app, lifestyle mobile app, or social networking mobile app.


In terms of mobile app development and design, mobile app developers and designers use certain mobile app frameworks. What are mobile app frameworks? Mobile app framework is a software library that provides a basic structure to support the development of mobile apps. Also, a mobile app framework acts as the skeletal support to build mobile apps. There are many mobile app frameworks that are available to be used in mobile app development. Some of these are Ionic, Mobile Angular UI, Intel XDK, Appcelerator Titanium, Sencha Touch, Kendo Ui, and PhoneGap. Although there are lots of different frameworks, tools, and technologies to choose from in developing mobile apps, our commendable mobile app developers and designers are knowledgeable in choosing the perfect frameworks, tools, and technologies to use for your desired mobile app. From the look, features, and functionalities of your mobile app, our experts will help you out.


Have you tried accessing a “mobile app” using a browser? Actually, that was not a native mobile app, that was a mobile web app. Now what is the difference between native mobile apps and mobile web apps? Native apps live on the device and are accessed through icons on the device home screen while web apps are not real applications; they are really websites that, in many ways, look and feel like native applications, but are not implemented as such. They are run by a browser and typically written in HTML5. Do you want a native mobile app or a mobile web app? Follow what your heart says, and we’ll follow what you say.


According to Kimber Johnson, there are ten reasons why someone should invest in mobile app development. First, the world has gone mobile; consumers are using their smartphones to find products and services. Second, mobile apps offer on-the-go marketing; this means that you are placing your business in your customers’ pockets. Third, it can be a social platform; mobile apps can help your business improve its social standing. Fourth, better service and sales; mobile apps are perfect for selling products and services. Fifth, real-time rich data capture; using mobile apps, it is much easier to collect and analyze data for the improvement of your customer service. Sixth, apps boost interest; since you can display your products and services in your mobile app, customers are more drawn to the products and service you offer. Seventh, increase customer engagement; communication between you and your clients are made easier. Eighth, accessible whenever; mobile apps are accessible 24/7 by the customers and can monitor their orders and deliveries. Ninth, a larger and younger audience; engaging with the younger generation is easily done with mobile apps. Tenth, mobile apps are very convenient for customers; products, services, customer service, and many more are effortlessly accessed through mobile apps.


If you want to reach a larger number of audiences as your target market, investing in a company that offers mobile app development can be your best choice. No matter what type of mobile app you are planning to create, our mobile app developers will help you throughout the process. Just share with us what you want, and our experts in mobile app development will be your genies as your wish is their command.

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