Outsourcing to get boost through offshore gaming accounts

The offshore gaming market is eyeing the Philippines as its new source of outsourcing talent. International property consulting firm Pronove Tai notes that it is a "strong but beleaguered" sector in the market. This means that the demand for office spaces has gone up, from 20% since March of this year. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) classifies offshore gaming companies as - Read More »

PH outsourcing sector’s role in development

Countries that produce rich-country goods become richer. For some fast growing countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore and China, Manufacturing and exporting goods is the reason behind of their fast growing economic development, These economies started producing things not for their local markets but for export. They have learned how to produce export quality “rich-country goods” to satis - Read More »

Data Privacy Act: What This Means for Outsourcing

The Data Privacy Act of 2012 of the Philippines is the first data protection law. The Act mandated the creation of National Privacy Commission (NPC), which was finally formed in March 2016, to enforce security and privacy of personal information with the aid of implementing rules and regulations (IRRs). On the 9th of September 2016, the IRRs have now taken effect. The information tec - Read More »

Fostering outsourcing links, promote growth in provincial cities

With the Philippine outsourcing industry growing despite early-year projections, steps must still be taken to ensure the safety and sustainability of this growth. As such, several challenges to the IT-BPO community have to be addressed by industry leaders in order to truly prosper. Apart from Metro Manila, local and foreign clients alike have been looking to outsource their work to cities such as - Read More »

Outsourcing web app development

Hiring talented and experienced in-house developers can be pricey. In addition, your company may not afford resources to build products. This urges companies to outsource software development.Companies claimed that outsourcing helped solve global capacity issues (45%). Others mentioned that outsourcing brought innovation (35%). Due to outsourcing, global scalability was improved (29%) and there is - Read More »