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The Future Of Outsourcing In A Post-Offshore World

Posted on May 26, 2017

Much has been said about outsourcing, especially in the information technology sector, for the past couple of years. As large, Western countries have become more in tune with their business strategies, they now see outsourcing as a valuable resource in order to maintain quality in their output, from customer service to content writing and graphic design.

Welcoming Outsourcing Strategies

Outsourced work has often gotten a bad rap, and understandably so; the use of labor abroad has been seen as taking jobs from people in their home countries. Shifting perspectives, however, it can also be used as an alternative marketing tool that can draw others’ attentions to redefining their own marketing tactics.

Further studies have brought into consideration outsourcing methodologies as a viable marketing tool, and as such as using it accordingly. Those who utilize these new methods are businesses that go against traditional marketing tactics, such as Amazon. The retail supplier is now used by many to avail of goods and services online. With so many consumers now finding ease in going online, more and more of these services have started to appear.

Supply and Demand

Nowadays, the use of outsourcing is not only limited to Western countries, but even to companies within their own home countries. Now more than ever there are others who continue to use it as a tool in order to get better output and focus a company’s creative energies onto more important skill sets.

The key word here is “skill”, as these have come in handy. Skills such as command of the English language, good work ethic, and use of software such as Photoshop and InDesign are more in demand. These types of jobs are needed more than ever, and are in greater supply.


“Offshore has become Walmart…as Outsourcing becomes more like Amazon”,