Development Team LAN Partying it up on their Team Building

Who would have thought a team building activity within the four walls of the office space would be fun?  The HP Outsourcing Development team decided to organize a Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) LAN party instead of doing the usual cookie cutter team building activities held in beach or poolside resorts. The team building activity was held in the HP Outsourcing Inc. office building at around 1: - Read More »

The Creative Web Design and QA Departments Go Bowling

The Creative Web Design team and the Quality Assurance (QA) team took a break from conceptualizing web designs and checking bugs and errors to bond over good food and bowling. Both teams headed out to NCCC B3 Bowling in Matina, Davao City at around 10:00 A.M., where they literally had the whole place to themselves as there were still no customers around at that time. After having two friendl - Read More »

HPO CEO celebrates his 38th birthday with his HP Outsourcing Inc. Family

On May 9, 2014, Hubport Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder Chito Marco Lucero got his birthday wish:  celebrating a very important milestone in his life with his HP Outsourcing Inc. family.  His birthday bash was held in the HP Outsourcing Inc. office in A. Bonifacio St., Davao City.

During his speech, he took t - Read More »

Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines: A brief history

Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO), the practice of contracting operations and responsibilities of a certain function to a third party vendor, has become a pivotal tool in the success and continued growth of multinational corporations and businesses. India and the Philippines were the major key players in the BPO industry. But in 2011, the Philippines beat India by a mile as the top BPO serv - Read More »

How offshore outsourcing can turn your time into money

Offshore outsourcing has answered the demand for a cost-saving strategy. But there is more to this business practice than just a means to significantly cut expenditures. It has become one of the major business tools most companies use to increase revenue and give them an edge over other competitors. At a minimal cost, offshore outsourcing has allowed client firms to focus on their core competen - Read More »