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7 Best Techniques to Hiring Technical Writers

Posted on October 2, 2014

Hiring the best technical writers is probably one of the companies’ wishes to produce top-notch quality outputs to the clients. It can be tough at times. But when you choose the best ones, they can really help you with the progress of your business.

So, if you’re in doubt with your own basis of hiring your technical writing consultants, check this list out:

1. Trust only those professional websites. The best technical writers should have professional websites. Also, it’s better if the website can show you sample articles for you to have a grasp on their expertise. Say for example, an exclusive social media page for writers, or even outsourcing business’ website where you can find technical outputs that may suit your product, and your preferred writing style. You can even find not just technical writing services in these sites, but blog content writing services as well.

2. Do utilize references. You can always consult your friends and acquaintances if they make use of services offered by dependable technical writers. If yes, you’re up to hiring a trustworthy staff (given also that they come from your trusted circle).

3. Consider the prospect’s technical writing work experience. It’s always best that you also look into the past work experience. You can ask, “how long has this technical writer been doing articles?”

If you need someone to document your software products and technology (which are typically difficult tasks), then look for somebody with years of experience and is well-trained.

Also consider taking note of these qualities that an effective technical writer should possess:

4. Effective communicator. Communication is a top priority in any business to avoid     misunderstandings. Thus, your potential candidate should communicate effectively to you, to     colleagues and clients.

If your candidate can’t communicate effectively, chances are, he or she could probably     encounter conflicts in coming up with a quality output that you and your client expect to     produce. Remember, a good communication is one of the keys to your company’s progress.

5. Innovative. Knowing the fast-changing trends of the society nowadays, you should hire     someone who can cope with it. Someone who can be able to suggest fresh ideas and new     perspective to improve technical writing process.

6. Good Listener. Since you are the expert about your product, the technical writer should     know how to listen to you. Although the writer is more knowledgeable about technical stuff,     you still have the right to make a request or to suggest ideas.

7. Industry-specific. Some technical writers specialize in a particular industry. So, it’s always     advantageous if his or her specialization meets your needs. He or she must have a relevant     experience, since this assures you of a knowledgeable foundation of your industry. If the writer     possesses programming skills, it’s easier for him or her to understand your software from the     coding part in addition to the end users’ perspective.

It’s fun to hire new technical writers for your company. You get to see different personalities, skills, and experiences. But make sure to choose the effective ones so you end up hiring the best technical writers.