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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Customer Care Representative

Posted by carisa on February 4, 2009

To act as a direct point of contact for customers is what a Customer Care Representative should be, one that should ensure that queries and concerns of customers must be properly assisted and addressed. A customer care representative represents the credibility of a company therefore, it is imperative to hire representatives who can provide the best service to all types of customers.  Before the hiring process, among other things, the following must be considered first.

1. The needs of the customers must first be determined. The skills of the representatives should match those of the customers.
2. Representatives must fully understand what they represent, the company’s products/services and must develop loyalty to the company.
3. Voice qualification must also be seriously considered. Customer Care Representatives must have a pleasant and confident sounding voice.

With the right amount of training, updated technology and attractive incentives, the ultimate objective is likely to be achieved.