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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Future of BPO Offshore Outsourcing

Posted by Glen on October 22, 2009

The ongoing global economic recession has actually stressed out the huge advantage of BPO offshore outsourcing. Businesses worldwide are now seeking outsourcing companies who can provide them with the workforce they need at a price both the client and the people who work for them will be immensely pleased with. Since its birth, outsourcing has become the new tune of success for both developed and the developing countries. This is because as it provides more job opportunities to the latter;, it also helps the former cope with limited operational capital, Outsourcing is especially advantageous for investing clients because outsourcing companies can provide their services at a much lower cost, thus helping them save up and at the same time increase their profit.

While it was India who had benchmarked outsourcing, other countries that possess a lot of available manpower, such as the Philippines and China, have begun following its footsteps. Successfully gaining ground in this particular field, they continue to serve clients in whatever they need. All these countries are aiming to provide top-grade quality service, which fosters healthy competition between firms and giving interested clients a higher level of advantage. This rivalry also assures investors that what they are getting are the best from the best outsourcing company. Today, more and more businesses are savoring the profitable opportunities produced by outsourcing. In the coming years, we might find Japanese companies participating in the offshore outsourcing scene.

The future promises to bring more income and benefits to both the outsourcing companies and their clients. It seems that as technology continues to become sophisticated, more assistance is needed and added to the present set of services provided. The future of BPO offshore outsourcing is becoming brighter by the day, with more development on the way. Indeed, the business industry has never been the same ever since the introduction of offshore outsourcing.

Information On The History Of Outsourcing

Posted by Blog Administrator on October 19, 2009

Outsourcing is a term you would commonly hear nowadays.  It is mentioned in various business transactions as well as discussions.  But the truth is it’s not really that new. If you would know its history and how it worked, you would understand how outsource I.T. consulting services benefited you and your company..

During the later part of the 20th century, outsourcing began when businesses started to contract other organizations that would perform specialized services which include the manufacturing, garments, and food industry. Before, business organizations handled all of the transactions themselves.  Companies managed everything from getting raw materials, manufacturing it, and shipping the products to different parts of the world.

This method of handling all of the workload and expenses caused many businesses to shut down.  Organizations can no longer sustain themselves when they continued to run this method, which was why a new process needed to be implemented.

Learning from the mistakes of the past, companies today contracted businesses from other countries. Companies offered human resources who can do multiple tasks such as accounting, search engine optimization marketing services, web design & development, and virtual assistant services.  Businessmen from highly developed countries turned their attention to other organizations from other parts of the globe that can provide them the manpower they need.

As the era of globalization entered, in fact, top countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, seek to outsource information technology and web hosting services to the Philippines because of the affordable yet highly skilled workers and quality outputs.  And still, there is no sign of this trend ending because of the increasing number of businesses that outsource jobs year by year.

Business Process Outsourcing - The Key To Success

Posted by Blog Administrator on

Business Process Outsourcing has proven its importance to the business industry and has become one of the successful strategies for major businesses around the globe. Today small and medium businesses have appreciated the importance of outsourcing. With outsourcing, they can achieve a competitive approach in today’s business era.

The driving force next to the outsourcing of business processes is cost effectiveness. These BPO service providers analyze the market situation and develop strategic solutions that are customized to fit the client’s requirements. A BPO service provider handles business as their own business because they do not want to lose their clients. It’s not just outsourcing services that they are good at but also in maintaining a healthy business relationship with the clients.

By engaging Business Process Outsourcing services, clients can gain the following benefits:

•    Improves the quality of your business.

•    Lets you focus on your main core-process.

•    Helps your company grow faster.

•    Increases the flexibility of your company.

•    Increases customer satisfaction.

•    Reduces Costs

Nowadays, the number of companies that are getting BPO services is increasing. Business Process Outsourcing services have proven its worth to various business industries through outsourcing jobs like legal processes, customer support, IT outsourcing and internet marketing. Even when the world is suffering from economic recession and many business doors were closed, the BPO service providers are always there to save businesses. It definitely is the key that allows companies to achieve business success

Four types of outsourcing

Posted by anthony on February 2, 2009

Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular in today’s business environment. Most companies tend to outsource some of their work functions. It is a process in which the company or individual business man contracts another company to avail particular services. There are four basic types of outsourcing, wherein the categorization is based on the nature of work being outsourced.

The first type is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in which call center outsourcing, human resources outsourcing (HRO), finance and accounting outsourcing and claims processing outsourcing belong. The second is Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO). It includes IT services, technical support, software testing, and website management outsourcing. The third type is Software R&D or also known as software development outsourcing. Finally, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), is the type of outsourcing that includes reading X-Rays, performing investment research on stocks and bonds, handling the accounting functions for a business or executing engineering design project.

By looking at the benefits of Outsourcing, we can deduce that it is indeed helpful and a practical choice because of its cost-effectivity. You can gain access to knowledge pool that is not available inside your own company. You can also attain flexible capacity management in which you are enabled to flexibly manage the production capacity and staff as well. The Time Zone coverage that are set up 24/7/365 operation makes your business operation more efficient.


Posted by anthony on

Internet business industry becomes more popular in today’s world. By using the internet you can market your business through a website or a web page. SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the effective way to introduce your website into the web. There are things to be considered in order to increase the traffic in your web site.

Build a link that has significant referrals, remember traffic is the key. Always pay attention to where the link is placed it should be visible to the readers on the site and it should be placed either on the side bar link or content link. In the world of online business, building a valuable relationship with the readers is  the most important point, without them your website is nothing.

It is also important to visit other sites that have  relatively the same content with your site, in that way you could exchange link with them. Be careful to those links with theme distributions, widget bait and other form of link bait. These will affect your credibility and reputation on the web. Always bear in mind that SEO is not just increasing the traffic on the web but converting the readers into real buyers.

Online Marketing

Posted by anthony on January 30, 2009

Since the start of the internet, entrepreneurs saw an opportunity of total marketing. To them, internet is a vital source and strategy in doing business online. Nowadays most of the businessmen or women dependently uses the  internet into there businesses, as we all know millions of websites are there in the internet, so many that your website might not be viewed from some potential customers or readers. By this S.E.O steps in, S.E.O refers to as “Search Engine Optimization.”

SEO is an internet marketing strategy that helps your website to optimize into the search engine. In the environment of internet, search engine site is the most convenient way of searching a website either on business or other form of purposes. SEO strategy improves the process of volume of traffic to a website from the search engine either on natural or algorithmic results.

There are two types of optimizing your website these are the on-page optimization and the other is off-page optimization. On-page optimization primarily involves editing its content in a HTML code in specifying relevant keywords in your website. The off-page optimization is a strategy of search engine which is done to an off-page of a website. Aconcrete example is link building.

Today’s online marketing is simultaneously increasing and competition in these businesses is very fragile. Internet business with an SEO strategy is proven recommended due to the facts that it will optimize your site and be at the top of the list in a search engine.


Posted by anthony on

Outsourcing industries are rapidly increasing due to some factors that a company needs, such as reliable service and a resourceful way of distributing work load. According to statistics, the two mainstays on outsourcing destinations are those nations belonging in the second or third world countries, considering the high demand of I.T professionals. The Philippines is one of the highly recognized in terms of offshore outsourcing especially in the field of I.T or Information Technology, Web Developing, Programming and many more.

Today, the Philippines play a big role in KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing and BPO or Business Process Outsourcing. Most clients in the Western countries much prefer countries with English speakers and highly skilled professionals for the job. Clients indeed need a satisfying service  and no doubt the Filipino  has it Before, India was the leading country in offshore outsourcing but today that is now merely fair with the other countries.

Despite of the global crisis more companies  now much prefers outsourcing because they can maximize their revenues and at the same time minimizes there expenses. Outsourcing is the best resourceful way in terms of manpower, the client itself would not be worried anymore in terms of workload and it’s a convenient way for the client, because outsourcing is a total packaged service.

Website Hosting Choice Blunders

Posted by Jessica Madrazo on August 30, 2007

Web Hosting

Many website owners endure slapdash services with a technical service department that made up of answering machines and auto response queues in answer to their emergency calls. Contrary to popular belief, this is not standard web hosting procedure, and is in fact, avoidable given the right choice of web hosting company.

Given the vastness of location, and the varying time zones, web site hosting has come to mean excellent service, round the clock. When choosing your host, take note of these blunders you should avoid. There are basically three major slip-ups in services you need to watch out for. They are: delay, unreliability, and inadequate technical support.


When signing up for web hosting, site owners are predictably anxious to get going as soon as possible. With many hosting providers, the case is, after the sign-up, processing takes several days to be activated. The delay in the start of the services could equate to the performance of their service itself. There is a big chance of encountering web host connection delays once the hosting itself begins.


Even minor problems with incessant occurrences reflect negatively on the company. Sites that are often down, or are too slow will have to go through the consequences with the outcome of their visitors and revenue. Verify the reliability of the host provider through their portfolio and try to check the sites they cater to.

Poor Technical Support

The most common complain is poor technical support. Even with minimal problems, a 24 hour technical support is necessary to accommodate any questions or complaints site owners may have. It is very important to check on the presence of a round the clock technical support group, who speaks an understandable language. There are some cases you call for a technical problem, and end up reaching a non-English speaking technician.

In today’s costly world, the misfortune of getting hooked into a web host provider who offers these lapses along with their services is more than a challenge, and calls for an solution.