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Monday, January 19, 2009

Website Hosting Choice Blunders

Posted by Jessica Madrazo on August 30, 2007

Web Hosting

Many website owners endure slapdash services with a technical service department that made up of answering machines and auto response queues in answer to their emergency calls. Contrary to popular belief, this is not standard web hosting procedure, and is in fact, avoidable given the right choice of web hosting company.

Given the vastness of location, and the varying time zones, web site hosting has come to mean excellent service, round the clock. When choosing your host, take note of these blunders you should avoid. There are basically three major slip-ups in services you need to watch out for. They are: delay, unreliability, and inadequate technical support.


When signing up for web hosting, site owners are predictably anxious to get going as soon as possible. With many hosting providers, the case is, after the sign-up, processing takes several days to be activated. The delay in the start of the services could equate to the performance of their service itself. There is a big chance of encountering web host connection delays once the hosting itself begins.


Even minor problems with incessant occurrences reflect negatively on the company. Sites that are often down, or are too slow will have to go through the consequences with the outcome of their visitors and revenue. Verify the reliability of the host provider through their portfolio and try to check the sites they cater to.

Poor Technical Support

The most common complain is poor technical support. Even with minimal problems, a 24 hour technical support is necessary to accommodate any questions or complaints site owners may have. It is very important to check on the presence of a round the clock technical support group, who speaks an understandable language. There are some cases you call for a technical problem, and end up reaching a non-English speaking technician.

In today’s costly world, the misfortune of getting hooked into a web host provider who offers these lapses along with their services is more than a challenge, and calls for an solution.