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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Outsourcing IT to Juan Dela Cruz

Posted by angelie on June 11, 2010

The Philippines is known for its classical and traditional influences. However, in the development of information technology, Filipinos, because they are mostly colonial-minded, began to adapt this advancements to be globally competent. The Jose and Maria impressions on Filipinos now turned to be  robotic and technologically adaptive individuals. Today, because of their IT mentality, Philippine BPO providers are now rampantly mushrooming all over the 7,107 islands of the country.

Information technology (IT) is a term widely used today that refers to both hardwares and softwares that are used to retrieve, send and access information. The term also refers to any electronic gadget that possesses any one or two of the aforementioned functions. The desktop or home computer is one basic example of IT. The term ‘IT’ also describes people who are well-versed in the world of computers like programming, networking, web development and designing. Companies that cater to computers or applications like the hardware and software are referred to as ‘OT companies’. The most popular IT company today is Microsoft Corporation. Presently, IT is being outsourced by foreign companies to relieve them from excess responsibilities so that they could concentrate on their core activity. They outsource typically to BPO companies to do the minor functions.

IT outsourcing companies are now growing in numbers in the Philippines. Foreign countries see Filipinos as innovative in the use of new technologies. Plus, their IT skills are of equal to IT center countries like Japan. Lastly, the quality of their services is as good and even better compared with other countries. Most of them are loyal and hard-working employees that they consume most of their time focusing on their expertise. This is why foreign companies prefer to outsource IT in the Philippines.

Why Business Process Outsourcing is Making Companies More Flexible

Posted by Blog Administrator on June 4, 2010

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a type of outsourcing wherein third-parties are involved in the contractual operations and responsibilities of a particular business function. Usually businessmen opted with offshore BPO staffs, especially in Asia, mainly because of its cheaper overall expense without the quality of work being compromised. In addition, the different time zones of the western from the eastern countries are totally opposite, giving western countries around the clock work even at night time.

The sudden increase in popularity of this strategy took businesses to greater heights. One benefit these businesses get from outsourcing is the increase of the company’s flexibility. A good contribution of the aforementioned is that some BPO providers offer a fee-for-service basis of payment. This means companies pay variable costs, responding to changes in required capacity, rather than fixed costs making the company more flexible.

Another contribution is that companies would be able to focus more on its core competencies. The key employees are then relieved from non-core or administrative work; thereby, they are capable of investing more time and energy in building the corporation’s core businesses.

Lastly, another contribution of the company’s flexibility is the increasing speed of the business processes. There are a lot of techniques which are being used to promote diminished cycle time and inventory levels, like linear programming, to be able to increase the efficacy of the firm at the same time cut costs. As a result, there would be an increase in output, such as in the case of manufacturing firms, when the management coordinates effectively with its chain partners and BPO companies.

Business Process Outsourcing – Contributing to Philippine Economy

Posted by Blog Administrator on December 29, 2009

IT outsourcing to the Philippines by companies like Microsoft, Dell, Fluke, and MicroSourcing have already made its contribution to the economic alleviation of the country. These Philippine Business Process Outsourcing companies have provided employment opportunities to thousands of Filipinos and raised a certain degree in their quality of living. That is why despite the economic turmoil, the economy of the country still managed to find its way up.

Most of the companies that were greatly affected by the financial crisis resorted to outsourcing in order to lessen expenses. , Outsourcing transfers a fraction of the tasks in the office to an outside service provider or suppliers. And because of the currency differences, the richer countries tend to generate more profit. While the outsourcing demand escalates, business and job opportunities are generated. Some of the common outsourced services are data transcription, customer care services, virtual assistance, and search engine optimization.

IT outsourcing in the Philippines plays a major role in the employment of the skilled and talented Filipino workers. It also provides the customers high quality services and takes their websites gain rankings in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This will provide business companies a desirable income generation through SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

In 2005, there were about 100,000 people employed to various BPO jobs. A larger portion goes to the call center agents and the medical transcribers. Outsourced Careers can be considered as one of the many solutions for the country to revive its dying economy. These days, it is estimated that there are 120,000 BPO Service Providers in the Philippines creating a forecast result of 13 Billion USD for the year 2010.

Why Business Process Outsourcing Earn Big in the market

Posted by Blog Administrator on December 21, 2009

Business process outsourcing is becoming more popular as a diverse alternative that makes companies speed up their work. This is the very reason why they outsource their services, to speed up the process and concentrate on the core functions that vary greatly on other business functions. Some small scale businesses are looking forward to achieve bigger business sales, while some are trying to complete projects that could help in the improvement of their company.

There are also companies that want to focus more on the sales of their primary products. The only known cheapest alternative to achieve maximum profit generation is through outsourcing. In order to give their full attention to a certain task, they need the outsourced services to take care of the rest of the business operations.  Over the years, big and small companies alike have already benefitted from the BPO Service providers coming from the different parts of the globe. Specific examples include the SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises) who have made use of the customer service support agencies in order to meet their business needs. Call centers for instance, companies are relying on call center agents to do the whole sales talking and closing of deals. In the long run, their company gets the profit while getting spared from convincing customers.

Implementing strategies in business process outsourcing and finding the right company to do the outsourcing services are very essential in the growth of your business.  That is why BPO companies must provide quality services in order to become effective in assisting businesses.

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing to Filipinos

Posted by Blog Administrator on

The ongoing global financial crisis has deeply affected the major industries all over the world. In order to cope with the losses, businesses took the option of outsourcing to countries where they can pay less for quality outputs. The cheapest available outsourcing services were then provided then by the third world countries especially in Asia.

It was not long ago when the IT related offshore services took the lead as far as the highest percentage of  labor force in the Philippines. The booming and expansion of the BPO industries in Asia has greatly influenced the lives of the majority especially the Filipinos. IT related business establishments in the Philippines were able to cater the increasing unemployment rate of the country. Together with the high paying jobs that these companies give, trainings are also provided to further enhance the skills of the Filipino workforce.

Technical support, web development and search engine optimization are some of the few services that are being outsourced by the third world countries to the Philippines and some of its neighboring countries. As the demand escalates, local and international BPO companies based in the Philippines are gradually expanding its operations, thus providing more job opportunities in the country.
The Philippines is considered as one of the top performing countries with excellent outsourcing services. Highly skilled individuals can handle operations from medical transcription to software development that is guaranteed to be of high quality standards. As a result, the unemployment rate of the Philippines was slightly alleviated and for some, the quality of living has improved over the years.

Improving Asian’s Lives through IT Outsourcing

Posted by Blog Administrator on

It took several years or even decades before the IT industry began its off shoring services. Way back, IT related businesses were dominated by the rich countries. But because of the ongoing economic turmoil, most of the IT giants opted for the less expensive offshore outsourcing. This move has benefited the Asian countries were outsourcing services are being offered at a much lower cost

These days, the top countries offering offshore services are found in Asia. This includes the Philippines and some of its neighboring countries. The BPO is considered as one of the booming industry in Asia where it caters the IT related concerns of the first world countries. Although most of the Asian countries belong to the third world category, the quality IT support services is what made them in demand across the globe. No doubt that within the short span of time, the major companies here in Asia belongs to the BPO industry.
Asian countries especially the Philippines are known all over the world in delivering quality IT services. Aside from that, services are offered at a lower rate. That’s what makes it more attractive to foreign IT companies. From the basics of programming to the more complicated web designing, Filipinos are well trained to give quality services whether it is offshore or not.

It has been years since the Philippines started the BPO industry and still counting. This only proves that Filipinos are competitive as well as very productive in terms of outsourcing services.

Quality Outsourcing Destinations

Posted by Blog Administrator on December 8, 2009

As the globe currently faces the effects of global crisis or famously known as recession, outsourcing for your business is one good option to consider.  The following are some common reasons:

•    Reduce operation spending
•    High quality service since the employee is focused to a particular project
•     Employees complete your project or task offsite using their own office equipment. This means, no wear and tear on office equipments and no need to spend capital just to have these stuffs.
•    Provides ample time for the owner to concentrate on core business functions.

Outsourcing maybe considered as the fastest growing and most competitive industry here in the Philippines and in many other neighboring countries. Aside from the Philippines, other countries such as India, China, Malaysia, and Hungary are also providing outsourcing services. Although India is the leading star of this outsourcing surge due to their early start in the field, business process outsourcing in the Philippines has now catered the escalating demands from the different parts of the globe.  The skilled workforce of BPO companies in the country has greatly increased over the years which show that Filipinos takes the edge in mastering the English skills. With the number of countries offering quality outsourcing services, your company can now choose the most cost efficient method of doing business that generates income.

Why More Companies Prefer to Outsource Their IT Consulting Service Needs

Posted by Blog Administrator on December 2, 2009

The dawn of technology has greatly influenced the trading industry across the globe. With the increasing demand for IT solutions, the need to hire competent work force is the first thing that crosses the mind of every business proprietors. The necessity intensified when they recognized the role of the internet as a popular avenue for business promotion as well as a noble profession— an IT consultant. Although some businessmen have hired their own professional consultants in the company, still many of them preferred to outsource their IT consulting services needs.

After putting up a business, it is but normal that the company starts with a minimum number of personnel that would handle various office positions. The head, as expected would handle the general issues, including IT tasks (keeping tabs on information and communication files and records of the business, and so on). However, when the company starts to grow, things can get out of hand. Hiring a professional IT consultant will take so much time so as to hire the best one and that the fastest recourse would be outsourcing.

Aside from the efficient handling of various IT needs, outsourcing has become a cost effective business solution.  The mere fact that a business is a money-making establishment and that competition is tough, business professionals these days are “trying to make more out of less”, as they would say it. Generally outsourcing companies offer their services at a much lower cost but are spared from getting extra benefits. That is why more companies are benefiting from outsourcing services. Aside from paying quality services at the most reasonable prices, they do not need to provide equipments or machineries and so extra expenditures are limited.

Outsourcing is considered as an efficient business strategy especially for the aspiring business professionals who have just started their own businesses. Even multinational companies have already embraced outsourcing as to deal with the ongoing global financial turmoil. With the escalating IT related needs, outsourcing would take the business industry to a different level.

Dedicated Outsource Staff

Posted by Blog Administrator on November 23, 2009

The holiday season is fast approaching. This is the time for great vacations away from the busy world. For some, traveling abroad is the next best thing to have while others flock the nearest amusement centers for a quick getaway. The very reason why some people spend the holidays at home is that nobody’s taking over the business. It is sad to think that you are giving up on a luxurious cruise or holiday escapade because of business tasks that needs a daily update. Others even spend their entire holidays in the office just to cope with the demands of the season. Purchases are at its peak during the holidays. For concerns such as these, outsourcing of office staff may be the best option. This dedicated outsourced staffs are working 24/7 to keep your business going while you enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Business professionals may think that the holiday season is the best time to generate profit, but with outsourcing, a grand vacation is better. It may sound unreasonable if you keep your workforce on duty when this is the only chance for them to do a lot of merry-making activities. Hiring a dedicated outsource staff is a good strategy that would help you run the business while the rest of the world is on  break. These people are professionals that were carefully trained to perform accurately for a certain job. So instead of working, why not consider hiring outsourced staffs. Taking quality breaks away from work is a lot of fun when you know your business is in good hands.

Why is Philippines Preferred Over Other Countries for Outsourcing Information Technology

Posted by Blog Administrator on

As technology goes with time so is the growth of the business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines. In 2008 alone, almost 300,000 were employed in various business process outsourcing companies thriving in the country.  Although Philippines at present is only second to India in terms of supplying workface in the BPO industry, various IT services were already developed in just a  short span of time.  There are already a number of Information Technology Outsourcing provider companies emerging in the Philippines. If not in programming, people are employed in web designing and many other IT outsourcing job description. This alone shows that Filipinos are well oriented with the innovation of technology.

Statistic shows that the Philippines is now considered as one of the top IT outsourcing providers aside from India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. The number of international companies investing in BPO and ITO sectors in the country has also escalated. Here are some reasons why these companies consider investing in the Philippines.

- First, the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training a Filipino employee is a lot cheaper as compared to the first world countries.

- Second, there are plenty of skilled workers in the Philippines plus the proper IT training that the students receive makes them efficient once employed.

- The demand for business process outsourcing will continue to grow with time thus creating endless possibilities for employment. The Philippines especially Davao city is a great place for IT outsourcing industry where cross-cultural relationship can grow and prosper, for both Filipino and foreign business professionals.