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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why is Philippines Preferred Over Other Countries for Outsourcing Information Technology

Posted by Blog Administrator on November 23, 2009

As technology goes with time so is the growth of the business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines. In 2008 alone, almost 300,000 were employed in various business process outsourcing companies thriving in the country.  Although Philippines at present is only second to India in terms of supplying workface in the BPO industry, various IT services were already developed in just a  short span of time.  There are already a number of Information Technology Outsourcing provider companies emerging in the Philippines. If not in programming, people are employed in web designing and many other IT outsourcing job description. This alone shows that Filipinos are well oriented with the innovation of technology.

Statistic shows that the Philippines is now considered as one of the top IT outsourcing providers aside from India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. The number of international companies investing in BPO and ITO sectors in the country has also escalated. Here are some reasons why these companies consider investing in the Philippines.

- First, the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training a Filipino employee is a lot cheaper as compared to the first world countries.

- Second, there are plenty of skilled workers in the Philippines plus the proper IT training that the students receive makes them efficient once employed.

- The demand for business process outsourcing will continue to grow with time thus creating endless possibilities for employment. The Philippines especially Davao city is a great place for IT outsourcing industry where cross-cultural relationship can grow and prosper, for both Filipino and foreign business professionals.

Internet Marketing Solution that Works

Posted by Blog Administrator on

Are you searching for an internet marketing solution that actually works for your kind of niche? Is the internet marketing solution you are using in your business at present is already taking your venture to another level? If yes, then move forward and generate sales as much as possible. But if your internet marketing solution is not paying off despite the hard work then consider some room for improvement.  Here are some suggestions on how to address unreliable internet solutions.
The first thing you have to consider is that your internet marketing solution should entrust an affordable search engine optimization services that would generate more customers online. Access to the internet has been preferred by the majority since it is the quickest way to keep in touch with the world. And so, if you want your online business to thrive longer and generate profit then come up with a website that would generate more customers. Aside from the attractive designs and animations, your website must only speak about what is true with the products or services that your company is offering. This will draw attention to users.

Another solution for internet marketing concerns is through an email submission or marketing campaign. Aside from being easy, you can come up with various ways on how to effectively promote your desired products. One of the easiest campaign mode is through email opt form or an autoresponder. It’s a text-based script via email. This text in return can be utilized as an advertisement or a web site promotion.

And lastly, be sure to have links for your website. If you have affiliates or sponsors, you can use them by gathering their links and submitting your site’s link to them also. Use an auto responder to send these out to users on your mailing list and to any new potential clients that have visited your site. In doing such, you can increase your site’s ranking as well as generate as much quality traffic needed for your online business to prosper.

IT Outsourcing: Trends and Benefits

Posted by Lemuel Asibal on October 13, 2009

Nothing is more lucrative in the recent times than offshore business process outsourcing. Countless companies have already been engaged in providing outsourcing services worldwide because of continuous higher demands to the industry. Businesses of any sizes from small, medium, to big corporations resort to a BPO service provider because it is cost-effective. Aside from being a money-saving strategy, it is also proven efficient because outsourced jobs never compromise quality and quantity.

Businesses are allowed to enhance profitability because other non-core business operations are outsourced. This way, businesses can focus on their core tasks. The very common business functions that are outsourced include internet marketing (email marketing, SEO and PPC campaign), multimedia, web content writing, graphic design, website design, flash design, website maintenance, content management system development, medical transcription services, database application development, and online store management. These jobs are often performed by professional IT experts who may either be working freelance or employed in an outsourcing company.

Day by day, the number of companies that demand for these services is doubling. Businesses prefer a cost-saving business strategy and as a result, workforce outsourcing is prevalent. The goal of every business is to minimize business operation cost and maximize profits. In order to achieve this, the company has to outsource some business functions that are least prioritized yet vital in keeping the business alive.

For instance, a big company that manufactures athletic shoes, does not consider website creation as one of its core tasks. Hiring a web designer and developer seems impractical because it is a short term project. Hence, outsourcing the task to a professional or to a company is a practical decision to do. You can get part-time or full-time  assistance to do the job for the duration for the project.

Since the competition in outsourcing industry worldwide is getting tougher, outsourcing services are also getting cheaper and cheaper. Although, it is not always true that all of these companies offer quality services. That is why you really need to perform intensive research on the ideal IT outsourcing provider you should choose.

The Rise of Business process Outsourcing Industry

Posted by marky on

The BPO service industry has many advantageous features under its sleeves. Many have predicted that this industry will boom in the future because of its continuing progress. It is a good business opportunity for multinational companies to take. Profits have always been high involving the BPO industry that makes it a global phenomena. . Countries like Philippines, India and China have started to be recognized as the best BPO service providers in the world. These countries are well-known to have lower cost of service but provide higher quality services.

Over the last decade, the BPO industry has expanded globally, which makes it a very lucrative enterprise. And with offshore outsourcing becoming a hot commodity nowadays, the BPO industry automatically has attracted a larger market. Call centers and BPO are almost the same. Their difference only lies on the specializations since call centers literally specialize in handling calls whether inbound or out bound calls.

Outsourcing companies have varying statistics on their performances.But BPO has a larger scope because it caters to almost all miscellaneous industries such as telecommunication, real estate, banking and finance, technology, healthcare and many more. Its services have gripped the whole world because it is a cost-effective system.

Offshore BPO is predicted by many, to increase in the coming years. In the Asia-Pacific market alone, it is expected to grow with an estimated profit of $14 billion by the end of 2010. With the success of the BPO industry, many companies are wholly upgrading their  services to compete with other companies that offer BPO services. Many are predicted to eventually engage in this business in the following years because of good prospects in profit.

Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Posted by mark on October 2, 2009

Around the world, medical transcription services become a hit nowadays.  It is in high demand because healthcare facilities are looking into this kind of support, for quality outputs that is inexpensive.  Patient’s treatment details are to be recorded in the most accurate way possible.  With this in mind, the files of the patient are processed in a fast and organized manner.

Basically, medical transcription is a process which converts voice reports of a healthcare professional or doctor and is transcribed or converted into text format files.  The medical transcriptionist does this task.  Medical insurance claims, legal, and financial processes from the healthcare facilities depend on these professionals to process the text files.

This kind of profession is part of the business process outsourcing wherein healthcare firms are aiming for a faster processing of medical reports at the shortest time possible.  Through outsourcing medical transcription service, acquiring quality, reliable, and fast medical transcription is made easy.

Here are some of the benefits that this industry provides businessmen:
•    24/7 service availability
•    Accurate, detailed, and quality outputs
•    Reduced infrastructure and capital costs
•    Confidentiality of data
•    Deadlines are met on time.

With the ongoing global financial crisis, medical transcription outsourcing proves to be one of the most profitable opportunities that businessmen would look into because it saves a lot of money and time.  Plus, a sure return of investment is guaranteed.  It is safe to say that outsource medical transcription services would prove to be a stable business because of the benefits it gives to businessmen.  It also a way of providing jobs for healthcare and medical transcription professionals.

Offshore Outsourcing Services for Your Business

Posted by mark on October 1, 2009

Outsourcing for manpower on the field of information technology can be easy if your know where to start.  But it can also be difficult if you don’t know where to get the right resources.  With BPO offshore outsourcing, the possibilities are endless. There are so many countries that offer web design, SEO, virtual assistant services, and web hosting nowadays.  By browsing the internet, you can find websites that contain information from outsourcing companies with job postings on different fields of interest in I.T.  The benefits are also interesting because it allows you to save time and effort. Plus, it doubles your return of investments just by acquiring the services of these hardworking I.T. professionals.

Here are some of the benefits you get in terms of productivity and finances when you obtain the services of outsourcing.

•    Huge savings on training cost and manpower
You can save plenty of money in outsourcing because spending cash on training are cut in half.  BPO companies would give you men and women that have multiple skills and knowledge which can conduct different tasks at the same time.

•    Guaranteed customer satisfaction
You can surely get an approval rate from clients because your business process outsourcing team can give quality outputs that are thoroughly checked in order to meet the demands.

•    Office rental savings

With offshore outsourcing, there is no need to rent an office space because your team can work conveniently at places that need not to be wide.  Some of them even work at home.

•    Various specialized services
Multitasking is not an issue for your outsource team because a single person can do SEO as well as virtual assistance tasks at ease.  They have the knowledge, experience, and skills that enable them to finish the assigned tasks in a short period of time.

In the global arena of information technology, you must choose the best services that ensure you of doubling your investments in the shortest time possible.  Consider getting support from an offshore business process outsourcing provider to ease the workload for you while being assured of a low hire rate.  Outsourcing for jobs would be the wisest decision you can make if you want to hire people that you can trust to give you outputs at the cheapest rate possible.

Four types of outsourcing

Posted by anthony on February 2, 2009

Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular in today’s business environment. Most companies tend to outsource some of their work functions. It is a process in which the company or individual business man contracts another company to avail particular services. There are four basic types of outsourcing, wherein the categorization is based on the nature of work being outsourced.

The first type is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in which call center outsourcing, human resources outsourcing (HRO), finance and accounting outsourcing and claims processing outsourcing belong. The second is Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO). It includes IT services, technical support, software testing, and website management outsourcing. The third type is Software R&D or also known as software development outsourcing. Finally, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), is the type of outsourcing that includes reading X-Rays, performing investment research on stocks and bonds, handling the accounting functions for a business or executing engineering design project.

By looking at the benefits of Outsourcing, we can deduce that it is indeed helpful and a practical choice because of its cost-effectivity. You can gain access to knowledge pool that is not available inside your own company. You can also attain flexible capacity management in which you are enabled to flexibly manage the production capacity and staff as well. The Time Zone coverage that are set up 24/7/365 operation makes your business operation more efficient.


Posted by anthony on

Internet business industry becomes more popular in today’s world. By using the internet you can market your business through a website or a web page. SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the effective way to introduce your website into the web. There are things to be considered in order to increase the traffic in your web site.

Build a link that has significant referrals, remember traffic is the key. Always pay attention to where the link is placed it should be visible to the readers on the site and it should be placed either on the side bar link or content link. In the world of online business, building a valuable relationship with the readers is  the most important point, without them your website is nothing.

It is also important to visit other sites that have  relatively the same content with your site, in that way you could exchange link with them. Be careful to those links with theme distributions, widget bait and other form of link bait. These will affect your credibility and reputation on the web. Always bear in mind that SEO is not just increasing the traffic on the web but converting the readers into real buyers.

Online Marketing

Posted by anthony on January 30, 2009

Since the start of the internet, entrepreneurs saw an opportunity of total marketing. To them, internet is a vital source and strategy in doing business online. Nowadays most of the businessmen or women dependently uses the  internet into there businesses, as we all know millions of websites are there in the internet, so many that your website might not be viewed from some potential customers or readers. By this S.E.O steps in, S.E.O refers to as “Search Engine Optimization.”

SEO is an internet marketing strategy that helps your website to optimize into the search engine. In the environment of internet, search engine site is the most convenient way of searching a website either on business or other form of purposes. SEO strategy improves the process of volume of traffic to a website from the search engine either on natural or algorithmic results.

There are two types of optimizing your website these are the on-page optimization and the other is off-page optimization. On-page optimization primarily involves editing its content in a HTML code in specifying relevant keywords in your website. The off-page optimization is a strategy of search engine which is done to an off-page of a website. Aconcrete example is link building.

Today’s online marketing is simultaneously increasing and competition in these businesses is very fragile. Internet business with an SEO strategy is proven recommended due to the facts that it will optimize your site and be at the top of the list in a search engine.


Posted by anthony on

Outsourcing industries are rapidly increasing due to some factors that a company needs, such as reliable service and a resourceful way of distributing work load. According to statistics, the two mainstays on outsourcing destinations are those nations belonging in the second or third world countries, considering the high demand of I.T professionals. The Philippines is one of the highly recognized in terms of offshore outsourcing especially in the field of I.T or Information Technology, Web Developing, Programming and many more.

Today, the Philippines play a big role in KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing and BPO or Business Process Outsourcing. Most clients in the Western countries much prefer countries with English speakers and highly skilled professionals for the job. Clients indeed need a satisfying service  and no doubt the Filipino  has it Before, India was the leading country in offshore outsourcing but today that is now merely fair with the other countries.

Despite of the global crisis more companies  now much prefers outsourcing because they can maximize their revenues and at the same time minimizes there expenses. Outsourcing is the best resourceful way in terms of manpower, the client itself would not be worried anymore in terms of workload and it’s a convenient way for the client, because outsourcing is a total packaged service.