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The Hubport Group Launches Transcription Services with Davao First Transcription Center Corporation

By Jessica Madrazo, Hubport Group
February 17, 2009
Davaoís first ever transcription service provider, Davao First Transcription Center Corporation or DFTCC has joined the Hubport Groupís lucrative brands. As a part of Hubportís expansion, DFTCC will function as the companyís transcription division under the brand Elite Scriber.

DFTCC is an Affiliate of The Qualiserv Contact Solutions, and has established its mark in the industry, being the first certified transcription training institute in Mindanao. It is also an Accredited Training Institution for
Medical Transcription as recognized by TESDA.

The Hubport Group management announced the official partnership with this commendable addition to the company last February 5, 2009, and will work to continue the great legacy it has started in Mindanao, to be further expanded throughout the globe. The agreement was formalized by Mr. Chito Lucero, Chief Executive Officer of The Hubport Group, and Jehad Umal, Chief Operations Officer of The Qualiserve.

"The Hubport Group is determined to advance in these times, and it is proud and reassured to have an equally strong and established BPO partner, DFTCC," remarked Mr. Lucero of the said partnership. The services that will now be available under the new partnership include medical, legal, and business transcription. It will also serve as a training ground for the talented and skilled hopefuls, seeking for knowledge and careers in the field of transcription.

About The Hubport Group- The Hubport Group is a Philippine Business Process Outsourcing Provider with Satellite offices in North America and the UK. It is a is a conglomeration of system consultant experts on various fields of industries such as web design, development and hosting, virtual assistance, SEO, and transcription.


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