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How High Quality Content Affects Search Engine Marketing

Posted on November 20, 2014

Creating a superb quality content can be a big help to your search engine marketing (SEM). It can also make you an expert in your industry. However, the saying “content is king” is only effective when it attracts your readers. Poorly written and irrelevant contents will put you at risk. Here’s why:

Poor quality content hurts your reputation
It won’t only detract your site’s traffic, but also injure your business’s reputation. Even bad punctuation and grammar flaws can make your business look unprofessional. Worse, it will deter people from using your services because they believe poor content reflects the service you provide.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, know how high quality content affects SEM:

High quality content is the key to successful marketing
Content acts the same way as your site’s display window–you want people to browse your site easily and have a smooth, clean transaction. However, some businesses don’t recognize how crucial an online presence is, which will often result to pitiful leads and low conversions. As a result, it affects their ranking and credibility.

A site that has useful and digestible content increases your website’s credibility and ranking. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines take quality contents seriously as your output reflects the type of business and services you provide.

High quality content builds trust
Customers and readers want to see useful and relevant content, not just words filling up a page. Yes, Google forces us to have 500 words or more on a page, but if the 500 words are not of quality, they are worthless.

Accurate and updated contents can build trust, as many people rely on to it. Quality content means having a clear, concise, and reliable information which people can quickly digest and depend on. After all, serving people the most useful content as quickly as possible is the objective of Google.

Updating your quality content matters
Additionally, the frequency in which you create and publish relevant content is also highly important. Outdated content and inactive websites can hurt your potential to drive traffic. Building a trusting audience is done by consistently updating your blog or site with fresh information. If your problem is that you can’t always keep an eye on your contents because of your hectic schedule, then it may be high time to hire a copy writer who can do the job. Many copy writers know not only how to make compelling contents, but they also how to upload and update your web contents.

You have to remember that producing easy to follow and highly relevant contents can help you stay ahead. If you doubt your contents’ relevance to your consumers, you can ask yourself:

How can I provide answers to my customers better than my competitors?
What interesting topics can I write about to keep them coming back?

Investing on high-quality and engaging content helps your site build credibility and increase your ranking on Google. High quality content is a good investment that will never lose value. It only continues to gain more readers and helps generate leads to build your sales pipeline to your search engine marketing as well.