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Tip for Web Designers: Personalization CAN Help Serve Each Target Market Individually

Posted on November 20, 2014

We know that the role of the web designer does not only revolve around the aesthetic appeal of a web. It must be able to connect to audience. Otherwise, visitors can easily hit the exit button and undoubtedly won’t visit the site again. If you don’t want this to happen to you, DON’T FRUSTRATE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE. According to, three in four, or 74 percent of online customers ignore website contents which has nothing to do with their interest.

On the other hand, current studies show that 40 percent of consumers are likely to visit websites which offer a more personalized shopping experience across channels.  Why? Because website personalization involves looking into different motivations, location, devices and time constraints.

Here are three ways your web design can increase conversion through basic personalization:

1. Determine user experience
Take note of your visitors frequency. A first time visitor will almost always be looking for different information than someone who visits repeatedly. You can use cookies to track a returning visitor so you could direct them to the most appropriate and relevant page. This will make it easier for them to search for your content.

For first-time visitors, include your phone number or business address, a contract form to capture leads, or a video tutorial to explain a product or service that can help in increasing conversion.

2. Know your visitors’ location to adapt your content to
Make this as a part of your web design and development. Knowing where on earth your visitors come from can mean a lot to your content creation and the landing page they first see. This way, you can calibrate your tools and provide a seamless user experience to your visitors.

3. Recognize holidays and other special events.
This is a simple, yet effective way to connect to your audience. Change the theme to hearts during Valentine’s Day, or add an image of fireworks or sparkling effects every time they hit a button or element on your page during 4th of July.

TIP: Christmas season is just around the corner.  Why not you include greetings or an image of snowman at the top of your site?   And, don’t forget to include your special holiday promos, seasonal item displays and deals if you have some.

For web designers, do not frustrate your clients.  Instead, make your visitors happy by personalizing your designs.