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If SEO is Dead, How Dead is SEO? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Posted on November 18, 2014

If you’ve spent any time researching SEO, you’ll have come across the countless articles arguing that SEO is dead – and many others making the case that it’s still well and truly alive.

Dead… alive… dead… alive again. It’s all beginning to sound a bit like a horror movie. So what better time than Halloween to find out once and for all… just how dead is SEO?

Click the infographic for the spooky truth about SEO.

P.S. This infographic all a bit of Halloween fun – don’t take it too seriously!

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How Dead is SEO?

People have been proclaiming the death of SEO since, well… the birth of SEO. And whether these bloggers are genuine, or they’re just looking for controversy clicks, one thing’s for sure:

SEO has been killed and reborn so many times, it’s hardier than Frankenstein’s monster. So what better time than Halloween to find out for sure… just how dead is SEO in 2014?

% of sites mentioning “SEO is dead”

[Graph showing mentions in 2014 to be at the lowest level since 2010]


Our totally 100% super-scientific method is as follows:

We took the estimated number of websites in the world from Internet Live Stats (, broken down by year. For 2014, it reckons there are around 1,100,000,000 websites so far. In 2010, the estimate was 106,956,723.

Then we searched Google for articles published between 1 January and 31 December each year, mentioning the phrase “SEO is dead”. We then worked out the number of results as a percentage of the total number of websites and… BOOM!

Disclaimer: Yes, we know this is hardly watertight science. It’s just a bit of Halloween fun!


In a 2012 survey, 57% of companies said they were planning to increase SEO spend.

Organic search accounts for 94% of clicks – paid search accounts for just six per cent.

89% of consumers use search engines to find product information before making purchase decisions.

P.S. Why do all the ‘SEO is dead’ articles appear on Google anyway?

Because their sites have good domain authority, great content and lots of social sway. In other words, they practice good SEO!

Verdict: It’s alive!