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5 Things to Consider When You Outsource Content Writing

Posted on November 7, 2014

While some companies keep under wraps the fact that they outsource content writing through content marketing agency, some organizations extol the benefit of outsourcing their writing.  A recent research made by Content Marketing Institute revealed that most of innovative marketers and marketing departments, are employing in-house and ghostwriters. Additionally, more than 40% of marketers and 60% of organizations are utilizing outsourced content marketing.

While it’s certainly feasible to effectively outsource your contents that will convert leads, it’s important to note that some factor will influence the outcome. For this reason, here are five things to consider when outsourcing your content creation:

A suitable writer
Nowadays, with the use of technology and quick access to information, everyone can be able to create a content. But, not all of them are suitable for your business. It’s wise to filter a number of potential writers where you can select one. Find one who can compel consumers, cope up with the pace you require, and has excellent grammar skills to reduce the amount of time you’ll be spending on proofreading.

You can also ask the potential writers to produce some sample content to appear on your channels. This way,  you can check:

Tone: Is it casual, conversational, professional or data-focused tone more appropriate for your image?
Relevance: Does it provide relevant data to your target markets, such as demographics and interests?
Credibility: Are the information (statistics, figures and data) trustworthy and accurate?

Precise directions
Even the greatest writers need detailed instructions. If you want an astounding content, then, you must give an incredible direction to your writer. You can create a “writer’s manual” where you can include all information needed by your content creator. Although making a comprehensive instructions can be time-consuming, the quality and value of your content makes it worthwhile.

Give ample resources
Many copywriters can be able to produce contents that work for search engines and actual readers, without any personal knowledge or experience related to your niche. Nevertheless, it’s essential to supply a quick guide about your company structure and area of business. You can present your company background, goals, mission and visions, and the like. That way, your writers can have a head start towards individual research and education. You may also allow them to access your blog’s analytics so they can utilize that data for improvement.

Keep them in the loop with current trends
It’s really good when writers completed the articles in advance. However, this technique might not be suitable for some reasons. If you really want to publish a viral content in real-time, taking advantage of current popular events and trends could offer some of the best opportunities to do so. One best example of this is the Oreo’s ‘Dunk in the Dark’ tweet (read the story here).

Sometimes, viral contents cover the story while it’s still a breaking news. If you really aim to publish content that grabs attention and that readers will want to share, you’re need a writer who can create relevant content on extremely short notice.

Hire an editor or proofreader
Even the best and most-celebrated writers require or employ editors. Although the digital age has changed a lot  on content creation process, employing editors is an essential method that remains the same. It’s also highly necessary to employ an editor who is an expert in your field so one can additionally check the accuracy of the content and can easily edit out errors.

69% of the most innovative B2B marketers said that having a dedicated group to oversee content marketing is incredibly important. And effective outsource content writing means that you efficiently convey your brand and concept to your customers through your authentic brand’s online persona (rather than to sound and look outsourced).