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Outsourcing News: “No worries” says US ambassador

Posted on February 17, 2017

Contrary to US President Donald J. Trump’s statements on outsourcing, the BPO industry will not suffer any lack of engagement in the coming months.

In a forum at the Makati Business Club, US Ambassador Sung Kim put down reports of American business process outsourcing contracts being pulled out of the Philippines, particularly in light of the aforementioned leader’s statements. “What we see is a dedicated workforce in an environment of competitive wages and the cultural affinity that drive US companies to set BPO operations here in the Philippines.”

Foreign policy from Washington aside, the “positive outlook” on Philippine outsourcing assures fears of job loss or lack of competitive edge in the market.

Future of the Outsourcing Industry

Apart from the outsourcing industry, engagement and foreign relations between the US and the Philippines remains business as usual.

With worries that immigration will be halted in light of the “Muslim ban” that bans the entering of residents from Islam-majority countries such as Somalia and Iran, Kim notes that there are no delays in processing visas coming from the Philippines.


Outsourcing firms staying ­— US envoy,