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The future of mobile apps

Posted on February 13, 2017

Globally, approximately 2.16 billion people are using smartphones today. The constant growth of the number of smartphone users may be caused by different factors such as technological innovation, improved usability, increased accessibility, and decreased price. Lots of inexpensive or budget-friendly smartphones are popping in the market. From a whopping $1000 initial price of smartphones to an amazing price drop of $50, who would not want to purchase one smartphone?

Mobile application design and development are globally known today. With the booming market for smartphones, who would not take the opportunity to earn through mobile applications? In the development and designing of mobile applications, certain tools are needed and necessary to create a good mobile application such as a good mobile application framework. Mobile application frameworks will help you in structuring your mobile application.

There are different types of mobile applications. The most known types are utilities mobile app, entertainment mobile app, games mobile app, news mobile app, productivity mobile app, lifestyle mobile app, and social networking mobile app.

Utility mobile apps are applications that perform simple tasks like calculators and communication apps.

Entertainment mobile apps are applications that are designed to entertain, satisfy users, and are sometimes educational like Spotify and Dubsmash.

Games mobile apps are applications that are addictive and popular amongst smartphone users like Flappy Bird and Pokemon Go.

News mobile apps are applications that publish and spread contents to the masses like Buzzfeed and The NYT app.

Productivity mobile apps are applications that help users to be more productive and are not complex like translators and grocery list makers.

Lifestyle mobile apps are applications that enhance your lifestyle and make your everyday easier like travel apps and fitness apps.

Social networking mobile apps are applications that allow users to connect with other people globally like Facebook and Snapchat.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it, mobile application has a vast use from informational to entertainment. Due to its usability, there is an evident increase in the number of smartphone users every year. While the number of smartphone users is increasing, the number of mobile applications is also increasing. One popular mobile app is an app that tells a story, it may be a game mobile app or an entertainment mobile app. Nevertheless, the story is told visually and not through words.

Storytelling through mobile application is popular nowadays due to the nonchalance in development and designing. Storytelling through mobile application allows the story to be shared and viewed virally by a huge target market. This type of storytelling might be difficulty since you should convey the message to the smartphone users visually and avoid the too much usage of words.

To be able to successfully tell the story visually without using too many words, it is important to have a well-developed mobile application and well-designed graphics like images and videos. Through this, the smartphone user can easily understand the story being told without the use of words.

For a mobile application to be successful, one must consider the target audience. Know what they want, what they need, and what they demand.