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Website Design Fundamentals

Posted on February 15, 2017

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well,” quoted from Brian Reed. It is true that everything tangible is designed. It is also true that only few among the tangible things are well-designed. Today, not only the tangibles are designed, but also the non-tangibles.  Websites are an excellent example.

Website designers strive hard to create well-designed websites that can aesthetically please the eyes of the viewer. With this said, it is natural that a website designer must possess one characteristic that can help him design websites well, creativity. Creativity refers to the use of imagination or original ideas in the production of an artistic work.

Millions of websites are running in the Internet. How can one outshine millions of competitors? One solution is to have an appealing website. An appealing website can increase the number of visitors in your website. It is also better if the user can remember something spectacular about your website, making it memorable and unforgettable. This is one of the challenges of being a website designer. Creativity and originality must be seen in the website. Website design and creativity both go together in pair. One is not complete without the other.

Creativity allows people to invent, imagine, solve problems, create, and communicate in fresh and new ways. Creativity allows people to think outside the box and get out of their comfort zones to make things happen, to prove that the “impossible” is possible, and to lead the future.

There are lots of website design types, depending on what you want. There is illustrative website design, minimalist website design, typography website design, single page website design, flat website design, and scrapbook website design. These are the most popular and trending types of website design. Every type can showcase a website designer’s creativity since every single type is not easy to build and create.

Scrapbook-type website design is gaining popularity nowadays. As kids, we have known scrapbooks as a book of blank pages where various items like clippings, drawing, or pictures are collected and preserved. Scrapbooks are fun to create and there is wondrous feeling once you open a scrapbook. Just like the typical and tangible scrapbooks, scrapbook-type websites present images and texts in a very playful way.

Scrapbook-type websites is designed to capture the essence of collages, and has a homemade crafty look.  This type of websites usually has many layers to provide a three-dimensional effect of its appearance.

Even with a physical scrapbook, creativity is really necessary in order to create a beautiful scrapbook. Pictures, clippings, and drawings must be placed and designed properly to look organized and sophisticated.

Same with a scrapbook-type websites, important website elements such as images and texts must be placed and designed properly to have an organized and enchanting website. With this type of website, creativity is ignited, developed, and improved. The refinement of the website depends on the creativity involved in the designing and creation of the website.

Website design and creativity are two things that must go together to be successful. Through creativity, you can express your feelings and convey them to the world through your own unique way.