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Continuous growth of the cable industry

Posted on May 4, 2017

The cable industry has been exerting efforts for the continuous growth of the industry. Vice president of Sky Cable Corporation, Jon T. Arayata Jr. projects the greatest growth of the cable industry lead by the Internet or over the top (OTT) content.

OTT content refers to the delivery of audio, video and other media over the Internet without the aid in the control or distribution by a multiple-system operator.


The cable industry started as a good way for politicians to reach out to their constituents. Before, if a politician has his or her own cable operation in a specific area, it is a great advantage during election periods.

As years passed by, cable has changed into an entertainment system since it can deliver multiple channels.


Today, people are more glued to their smartphones rather than the TV. Some people might have a tight schedule which leaves them the choice to watch contents online. On the other hand, parents might still prefer to watch TV. However, if cable is the lone service offered, a cable provider might be left behind.

Sky Cable, being the largest cable provider in the Philippines, innovated and offered services which are ideal for every Filipino. Sky Cable offers Sky on Demand as its OTT which uses high Internet speed and can also be connected to a Smart TV. Pay per view is also offered through subscription on demand only. Customers may also record a specific show to watch it later. “Build Your Own Plan” allows a customer to create his or her own package.

To avoid buffering while watching, Sky Cable adjusts the delivery of contents depending on the current bandwidth. Sky Cable responds to the wants of the market without leaving their existing clients who prefer to watch TV.

To cover remote areas with low Internet penetration level and cable penetration, Sky Cable offers Sky Direct.

12 percent of growth is expected from the broadband business.


Filipinos still watch TV. However, the TV industry must also continue to improve. Currently, there are Smart TVs which you can use to browse YouTube.

Arayata believes that with the continuous innovation of the TV technology, it will become irreplaceable in the future.

However, enforcing rules for the discipline in using technology is important, especially for kids. Parents must ensure their kids are productive, not unproductive.


To survive in the cable industry, embracing new technology and innovating are needed since these will give customers a good experience.

Since technology is available via various platforms, content is the key. If the content is not good then no one is going to watch the show. Sky Cable offers better and exclusive contents compared to competitors.

As stated by Arayata, Sky Cable’s mantra is “how can we deliver now, what are the new technologies and experience, we have to continue thinking of a better service.” Sky Cable aims to deliver the best service for best experience.


Arayata is one of the 7 founders of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP). During the early days up until today, Arayata persuades foreign companies that Philippines is the best destination for outsourcing.

Automation is greatly used and known today. However, Arayata emphasizes that automation should not replace humans in the outsourcing industry. Technology improves processes but cannot replace humans in a customer service.

“I don’t think there is a replacement for humans in the contact center space. For us, it is about affection, the robots do not know that. We can actually adjust, we could be complementary, but robots have no feeling and affection. If there is a need for interaction then the humans can take the function but there is no replacement especially for us Filipinos,” says Arayata.

Because of the Filipino culture, many foreign companies are outsourcing in the country.


Since Arayata is in the service industry, being able to resolve problems of the clients brings joy. Being in sales have taught Arayata to be an inspirational leader to motivate people that generate sales.

Arayata emphasizes that a manager should inspire his people, learn some skills, interact with customers, and build relationships.

Arayata prefers his sales people to be solution-oriented rather than a product-selling machine. “At the end of the day, it is not the price of the product that matters but the value of product to the customer,” he adds.



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