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Provide Custom Content Management for Federal & State Policy

Posted on February 20, 2014

Client and Issues

The client is a non-government organization unit in the United States. An advocate of environment protection and health care, they promote citizen awareness on environmental issues and health care.

Since its inception in 2008, the client thought of a strategy that would let their ideologies be heard. One of their initial goals is to establish their own web presence. To begin to accomplish these objectives, the client engaged with one of our affiliates to create a web site where they will have the flexibility to manage their articles to reflect changing trends in cultural, environment, and social movements.


Hubport Outsourcing Phils., Inc provided the client with technical expertise on delivering custom content management for promoting federal and state policies. The client required a web-based management for articles. The client gave the web application requirements of different levels of content customizations and articles management. The Hubport Outsourcing created the site with these features, along with meticulous customizations using a tried-and-tested content management framework.

Technology and Process

For this client, the team used technologies based on the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 and DotNetNuke content management system. The development team used Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. This tool gives the flexibility and reliability to create text editor modules that will provide a look-and-feel similar to popular word processors. It also gives the ease to interoperate with the creative design team in charge of customized visual themes.

During the delivery of the service to this client, we are followed our own service approach called the Managed Services Fulfillment Approach (MSFA). While we are flexible enough to have other service approaches as part of our value that we can offer, the client is very comfortable with our MSFA approach of catering their needs. Our versatility to our approaches has been enabling us to deploy distributed applications as required by the client.


As a result of Hubport’s efforts on this engagement, the client has been able to relay programs and news events on encouraging the people to support government policies.