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Technical Support Service

Posted on February 20, 2014

Client and Issues

The client has a long and successful 21-year history in the design and development of call management systems, hospitality management systems and automatic dial-through fraud prevention systems. Known for its innovative software design which incorporates state-of-the-art components to ensure accurate call management and hospitality management while simultaneously remaining easy-to-use and completely affordable - even for the smallest businesses or the smallest hotels, motels, lodges, B&Bs and hostels.

Client’s major need in sustaining business operations is to achieve customer satisfaction through prompt customer support either through voice, email or remote console.


Hubport Outsourcing Phils., Inc provided the client with staff endowed with technical expertise in covering voice, email and chat support in responding to customer’s feedback, query and technical issues. The duties and responsibilities are not limited to, follow up and create Installations and Orders, scheduling an online and onsite training and installation, processing Support Cover renewal and Licensing.

Technology and Process

For this client, we used provided technical solutions such as Online/Chat support, Email Support and even Voice Support. The technologies and tools are the following:
a. LogMeinRescue Remote Access Software.
b. Microsoft CRM (Customer Relations Management)
c. VPN Connection to New Zealand for the IP Phones, MS Outlook for emailing.
d. Skype – communication between the Client and the Help Desk Assistant

The team followed their own service approach called the Business Process Solutions Approach (BPSA). While the team is flexible enough to have other service approaches as part of our offered value, the client was very comfortable with this approach, customized from Agile methodologies of catering their needs. Our versatility on our approaches has been enabling us to deploy compartmentalized modules as required by the client.


As a result of Hubport’s efforts on this engagement, the client has been able to expand their business support and focus more on core business.