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Posted on February 20, 2014

Client and Issues

The client is dedicated to the advancement and enrichment of education and training programs serving the needs of the housing industry.

For more than 30 years, they have trained skilled workers in residential construction, promoted the industry as a career, and addressed the industry’s need for qualified employees. To further accomplish these objectives, the client engaged with one of our affiliates to create Internet-deployed applications and services for their products and services.


Hubport Technology Consulting and Outsourcing (HTCandO) provided the client with web-based and web-enabled services in order to promote their programs, including daily gathering of construction survey data and construction job placement services. The client required an online survey monitoring, an e-mailer, and the integration of web syndication modules on selected web applications arranged on order of importance.

Upon the creation of the web-based monitoring system, the client has been able to collect survey results as well as completion, receive reports on the given applications, and monitor all other site functions.

Technology and Process

For this client, our lead developer used technologies based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, starting on version 2.0 to 3.5. The development team used the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. It gave the team the flexibility and reliability to create separate modules that give the best outcome with outstanding results on unit and functionality tests.

On serving this client, we are followed our own service approach called the Managed Services Fulfillment Approach (MSFA). While we are flexible enough to have other service approaches as part of our value, the client is very comfortable with our MSFA approach for catering their needs. Our versatility to our approaches has been enabling us to deploy distributed applications as required by the client.


As a result of HTCandO’s efforts on this engagement, the client has been able to accurately monitor the movement of the site, being able to obtain any information that they want through the creation of simple surveys deployed on the site.