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Deliver Modules for Contact Center Management Displays

Posted on February 20, 2014

Client and Issues

The client is a leading software company based in the UK and delivering solutions throughout the world.

For a number of years now, the client has been producing web-based applications and services for numerous commercial areas and government agencies. To begin to accomplish these objectives, the client engaged with DC Global to develop and enhance these products that are based around management and information displays.


DC Global provided the client with technical expertise on enhancing their web-enabled products based around contact center management displays. The client required a web-based monitoring system that allowed them to view transactions in real time. Client gave the website requirements of changeable display types, user and messenger interface capability. The team created the site with these features, provided a licensing scheme, and tested the site modules and functions for improvements or enhancements.

Technology and Process

For this client, we used technologies based on the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 interoperating with a widget toolkit called wxWidgets for platform-agnostic modules. The development team used Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. This tool gives the flexibility and reliability to create separate modules that will give the best outcome with outstanding results on unit and functionality tests.

Since the client has been providing detailed specifications per module, the team followed their own service approach called the Unmanaged Services Solutions Approach (USSA). While the team is flexible enough to have other service approaches as part of our offered value, the client is very comfortable with this approach, customized from Agile methodologies of catering their needs. Our versatility on our approaches has been enabling us to deploy compartmentalized modules as required by the client.


This engagement has resulted to monitoring efficiency for the client. The website has been effective in fetching correct technical data with real time statistical output, all major components were integrated into the site, and is fully operational for any monitoring functions.