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Professional Staffing – Project Manager

Posted on February 20, 2014

Client and Issues

The client is a serial entrepreneur, author, internet marketer and ego maniac. Purpose of client’s website is where he shares his rants and raves on all things business, marketing & publicity - in particular, how to successfully mix internet marketing & business.

To help accomplish these objectives, the client engaged with SEOSPAN in providing competent project management techniques that can adequately manage account creation to various online forums. Accounts created will help in the advertising and marketing of client’s upcoming new products.


SEOSPAN, given with set of on pool staff, matches clients’ unique set of staff requirements according to task required. The chosen Project Manager has the breadth of experience and discipline in organization, alignment and management of multiple tasks projects.

Project Manager Skill Set:
- Excellent English for Online Article Writing
- Able to effectively and evenly allocate tasks to the appropriate people in the team
- Knowledgeable with Basic SEO (keyword research)
- Email Blasting know-how
- Experience on Excel Spreadsheets Character

Technology and Process

The Project Manager and client adhered to Hubport’s outsourcing service approach called the Business Process Solutions Approach (BPSA).

However, the client requirements may change to other customized methodologies, SEOSPAN staff is equipped with the flexibility to meet challenges. While the staff is flexible enough to have other service approaches as part of the company offered value, the client was very comfortable with this approach, customized from Agile methodologies of catering their needs.

The versatility of our approaches has been enabling us to deploy solutions changing compartmentalized modules as required by the client.


As a result of SEOSPAN efforts on this engagement, the client currently significantly benefitting the support SEOSPAN has provided in his business rapid growth and focus more on business core competencies.