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Outsourcing for Millennials: Better and Brighter Outlook

Posted on June 2, 2017

According to World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Annual Survey 2016, despite of the negative issues surrounding every country in the world, 70 percent of youth respondents see the world as full of opportunities. Respondents were ages18 to 35 – referred to as millennials, from 181 countries speaking 9 languages.


Millennials are optimistic and are not blind of global issues. 45 percent said that climate change is the world’s most alarming concern. 57 percent noted that corruption is that most serious issue affecting their respective countries. Favorably, millennials trust themselves to solve local challenges (26%), government challenges (20%), and civil society (17%).

In terms of career, millennials prefer jobs that offer fair salary (54%), growth perspective (45%), and a sense of purpose (36%). 74 percent of the millennials guarantee that they will bring the right set of skills to the job market.

Global Awareness

36 percent refers to themselves as “global citizens”, 22 percent view their nationality as their defining character, and 9 percent consider themselves identified through religious beliefs.

When ask to describe their feelings towards refugees, 67 percent responded “empathy”, 20 percent had strong views either “as gifts to their nation” or “those who see them as threat”. 22 percent would go as far as accepting refugees into their homes, and 73 percent would welcome refugees to their countries.

Affirmation and Technology

On same sex marriages, 53 percent supports, 13 percent agree somewhat, 22 percent are undecided, and 22 percent oppose it. 70 percent find an unmarried couple having a child, acceptable.

86 percent believe that technology will be the driver of job growth. Millennials are embracing technology especially Internet of things, robots, and artificial intelligence. They also believe that areas of careers (65%), education (55%), and mobility (42%) are most affected by technology. 73 percent are vigilant of data privacy. Outsourcing privileges make it easier for them to reach technological heights.

Engines of Growth

Millennials are engines of growth, without them actually realizing it.

In the Philippines, there will be an increase in the number of working adults who will lead the domestic demand and urge economic growth. This is evident with millennials working in the business process outsourcing sector which has been greatly affecting the country’s economy.

It is optimistic that millennials have a bright outlook for the future since sooner or later, the millennials will be the ones running the world.


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