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Shifting to higher-value outsourcing services

Posted on December 6, 2016

Ambitech Asia is a Philippine-based engineering services company which is fully ran and staffed by a Filipino team. Ambitech Asia aims to share Filipino engineering skills and talents around the world without leaving the country. Ambitech Asia is the Southeast Asian headquarters of the Chicago-based Ambitech International, Inc. – one of the top 100 engineering design firms in the United States. The company’s stake in the country is an evident proof that the Philippines can now level up to higher-value outsourcing services from regular business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Possible higher-valued outsourced services include architecture services, financial management services, and engineering design.

Currently, Filipinos choose to work abroad because of the income they can receive. Sadly, we are losing talented people because of this. Offering higher-value outsourced services can be a way to keep talented experts in the country since these services reap great incomes too. Through this, Filipinos do not need to leave their families and can help keep the family unit intact.

The success of BPOs in the Philippines, long-term economic growth, similarity in the Philippine and US engineering standards, fluency in English, and good experience with Filipino engineers in other branches added up to the interest of Ambitech to choose Manila as the Southeast Asian headquarters.

It is projected that more foreign companies will view Philippines as a destination for higher-valued outsourced services. However, it is important to improve human capital through better education. The government, academe, and private sector must help in improving local capability to manage higher-value services.

For the next two years, the BPO industry may lose its vigor. Shifting to higher-value services may be the key to sustain growth momentum.

Countries are now improving mathematics, science, and engineering education. Improving the education curriculum for private and public schools, from primary to secondary and tertiary levels should be taken consideration.

Encouraging expertise in widely spoken languages such as French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean must be also considered since it will be a greater edge for Filipinos, aside from being fluent in English.

Time to target higher-value outsourced services,