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Posted on June 15, 2015

Excited to work with your Filipino VA? You should be. But first, you need to know few things about working with them.

Although Filipinos are considered to be the most westernized people in Asia, cultural differences may still affect your relationship between you and your VA. It’s best to be aware of these things.


Filipinos value their family the most and they are willing to put their needs before their own. This type of culture has an influence to the work ethics of your virtual assistant.

For instance, in cases where one of the family members gets sick or dies, Filipino VAs would immediately file a leave. Although this would mean that they will not be paid or be in the risk of getting scolded, still they would continue to file a leave. They would still choose to take care of their sick family member and help with the family problem.

Likewise, when there is a family affair, they are expected to go. For Filipinos, it would be rude to say no and not attend family gatherings, thus they would choose to attend even if it means missing work. That is why holidays and Sundays are considered to be family day.


You should be aware of this concept. Although Philippines is considered to be highly westernized, there are western culture and behaviors that are not automatically applicable to this country. Thus, you should be aware of what Filipinos considered to be embarrassing.

For example, the concepts of being assertive and frank when talking to employees are just common values in the West. However, in the Philippine context, these values are rather rude. Filipinos communicate in a subtle way and use certain body language. This kind of trait is highly manifested on work especially in terms on how they deal with their employees.

Another example is the way people from the West gives feedback regarding an employee’s output. When they find your work lacking or unsatisfactory, they usually give harsh comments. In the West, people would just easily deal with it and not take it personally. However, when you do it to Filipinos, they will take it personally. To say harsh things about his/her work would mean directly insulting his ego and caused personal embarrassment.


Everyone has different perspective when it comes to culture and some may find other culture to be stupid. However, knowing the culture of your future employees would actually help you a lot in dealing with them.

Now that you are aware of these things, you need also to learn to be understanding and flexible in dealing with them. When it comes to family matters, you need to understand them.

Moreover, be polite. You need also to show the same courtesy in being polite in as much as Filipino VAs are being polite in dealing with you. Above all, showing respect to your workers would help you understand cultural differences better, which helps you to deal with them harmoniously.