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Spotify acquires Seed Scientific

Posted on July 6, 2015

Analytics firm Seed Scientific is now exclusively working with Spotify creating a new Advanced Analytics to better understand and improve how artists, listeners, and brands interact with its streaming music services.

A statement from Seed Scientific has been released through its website that reads: “Seed Scientific’s team and technology will now become the foundation of a new Advanced Analytics unit at Spotify that combines cutting-edge math, science, design, and engineering to craft insights, models, and tools with data.”

Seed Scientific specialized in creating algorithms to understand information for its various clients (commercial public and social sector clients). They are responsible for data discovery and collection, analysis of its insights, and interpretation of results comprehensible to its clients.

Its whole team of around 20 will join Spotify in its New York office which will be lead by Seed Scientific founder and CEO Adam Bly. They will work hand-in-hand with The Echo Nest, a massive music personalization data provider which was acquired by Spotify last year.

The new Advanced Analytics will help Spotify to better understand its market and be able to come up with better suggestion on what people should listen to, who they should follow, where artists’ fans are so they can plan their tours, or what brand’s ads will match most with which users.

Seed Scientific former clients include Audi, Uniliver, the United Nations and Apple Beats’ Music.