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Surviving Link Building In 2014

Posted on October 28, 2014

Link building is a challenging task that requires creativity, research and most-definitely, time. Although link building is arguably the most challenging aspect of SEO, it is also the reason behind success and can promote authority. Links are important because they are a dominant signal of quality to search engines, meaning they can either make or break your website views. Not only is link building challenging, it is also a constantly evolving practice that requires keeping up with.

So what is link building anyway and why should every business owner care? Link building is a marketing strategy used to connect a main targeted site to other links while promoting brand awareness and conversions in the process. Link building also helps build relationships that can help benefit you. It is more than just trying to get your website’s 15 seconds of fame; you want to actually create conversions and generate leads for your business.

For instance, if you are trying to link an article about the safest mini vans of 2014, it would be a smart idea to research and find mommy bloggers who would be willing to post your article and link back to your main site in hopes of attracting visitors.

Now that you have a general ideas of how link building to generate more new website traffic for your business, let’s discuss various tactics on how to survive with the best strategies to use this year. Since the world of search engine optimization changes fast, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends.

  1. Secure your link-building strategy by establishing personal connections

Focus on building links that require approval from another person. You want to get recommendations and mentions from trusted sites. This reflects the quality of your content and signals it is worth taking a look at. A tip for success in establishing a relationship with someone you are reaching out to is to make your e-mail personal and not generic. Even more, pick up the phone and call. I know, the phone is so last century, but you will more-likely be successful in establishing a link-building relationship when communicating with someone over the phone than over e-mail.

  1. Build links that are relevant to your content

This reiterates back to the previous example of reaching out to a mommy blogger in hopes to link an article about the safest mini vans of 2014. You want to make sure your content and links are relevant to where you are requesting them to be posted. Your content will be seen by viewers that take interest; such as parents who are interested in mini vans and safety precautions.

These viewers will most-likely read your content, see your link and click it to view your site. If you are trying to link an article about the trending jackets this fall to a fishing website, you probably will get few or no leads.

  1. Quality over quantity

As mentioned before, link building is time-consuming and often tedious, but in the end can be very rewarding if you work with a high trust/authority source. Your link building strategy will be much more effective by finding a few good links rather than a dozen weak links that will never be seen. Put yourself in the viewer’s position and imagine what they will see when they see your link. Is it perceived as relevant and valuable enough that you would click?

Remember, the process of link building is a marathon, not a sprint.