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Quick Tips To Outranking Your Competitors In Search

Posted on October 28, 2014

In today’s world where the internet is ruled by Google, it is often a daunting and impossible task to get your website to rank high against competitors within an organic search. However, thanks to SEO, this issue can be solved by implementing a few fairly simply SEO tactics to your website. By using the following tactics, your website will be able to outrank your competitors.

One of the most effective ways to increase your websites visibility is by creating quality content that is interesting to your audience. Websites need to publish content onto their site to reflect their knowledge of the industry. For example if your website is a car dealership, you want to make sure the content is aligned with the interests of car buying consumers. What information can you provide to help them make the best new car purchasing decision?

Blogs are a great idea to help your site rank higher. When a website has its own personal blog, you have the freedom to be more creative with their content and attract a variety of viewers. Referring back to the dealership example, if a car dealership in Philadelphia has its own blog it can create a sense of presence in the community. On the blog, they can post local events, nightlife, restaurants, etc. to attract more readers, right in your backyard. Blog postings help to generate link building opportunities with sites outside their specific industry.

Now that you have some ideas for articles and content, it is time to optimize. When writing content, it’s important that it remains unique. Search engines will not rank content that is the same as everyone else’s high on the search results page.

Make sure your content is not keyword-stuffed. Content needs to be readable and attractive. Also, consider adding pictures helps to break up the text Search engines rank pages higher in search results that are well maintained and designed. In addition, make sure your content provides links that drive visitors throughout other relevant areas of you website. For instance, if you mention “used cars” in your content, it would be to your SEO benefit to have that become an anchor text linking to the used cars page on your site.

Finally, don’t forget to optimize for your social media platforms. Social media is great way for websites to interact with customers and enhance their brand and they also help with improving your businesses overall visibility within search engines. On Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc., promote your website using hashtags and provide links to your expertly crafted content to entice viewers to your website.

Now, you are ready to now take your SEO knowledge to your website and send your site to the top of the search engines results page!

All the best.