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How Philippines Outsourcing Firms Can Help Climate Change Wave

Posted on May 27, 2016

The rise of various business process outsourcing companies is vastly increasing. As a matter of fact, some of the major BPO companies are planning for expansion outside the National Capital Region because of its higher demand. Needless to say, Philippines is now the Call Center Capital of the World. However, there is also one issue that every individual is most concerned about – climate change.

In the previous COP21 Summit in Paris, 195 governments are raising the issue about climate change and how the business sectors can help in order to inhibit the wave. Advocates are strongly emphasizing that the clock is ticking and time might run out. The future generation may suffer the consequences if it is ignored.

Outsourcing Green Policy

Adopting green technologies and practices are among the suggested solutions, but for some huge business investors, these may give them also a hindrance in sustaining and improving their firm’s strategy. On the other hand, many experts also predicted that these can help them boost their companies and increase the profit.

Climate change also opens up new insights of better opportunities for every country according to James Donovan, ADEC Innovations CEO. His company has been a major player in the sustainability space for 30 years of experience with over 5,000 employees around the globe. ADEC Innovations provides data-based environmental, social, and governance solutions.

Labor Costs in Outsourcing

Donovan also added that the key to a well-established Philippines outsourcing company and making more sustainable is the data and lower costs of labor. This will help the people in making wise decisions, whether they just want better return-of-investment (ROI) or do better for the planet. Big corporations that have data managed can have their carbon, water, and other resources consumptions be measured. Due to public awareness about climate change, there are already 10, 000 global green initiatives have been launched including the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). CDP is the biggest voluntary registry online for carbon and soon-to-be water footprints.

Saving the planet and to have a successful investment is a matter of choice. Donovan pointed out that by using green technology for outsourcing services can perhaps help the climate change wave. Companies with green tech-enabled services will help reduce the carbon emissions, yet still increasing the efficiency in production.

As a bottom-line, climate change is already here. What the people need to do now is invest wisely and contribute what they can do for the planet. As for the outsourcing industry, this will be a great challenge.


How PH Firms Can Surf The Climate Change Wave,