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Lead Generation FAQ: How Much Content is Enough?

Posted on November 24, 2014

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Websites with 51-100 pages get 48% more traffic than sites with fewer pages. Boosting your traffic is one good way to increase the number of leads you generate. However, just any old page isn’t necessarily going to improve your lead generation. Instead, you must offer a variety of content for every step of the buyer’s journey.

Take Stock of Existing Content

What do you have on hand for whitepapers, check lists, ebooks, webinars, tools, etc.? Think about publications you may have created that aren’t yet available on your website. Can they be added? This is a quick way to increase your content offerings.

Do you have enough variety?

Content is a lot like cake. Let’s say you only have German Chocolate Cake, not everyone is going to want a piece. But if you also have White, Chocolate, Carrot – you have something that appeals to everyone! Creating enough content means you can have your cake and eat it too.

Some people prefer whitepapers and ebooks, while others prefer video or podcasts. Knowing your audience is good, and will help you provide more of what they love, but everyone is different, so make sure you offer a little of everything.

Does your content fit your buyer persona?

Creating premium content is great, but if you’re creating it for the wrong audience then you’re probably bringing in the wrong types of leads. If your buyer persona’s main job title is CEO but you’re writing content that the sales manager would like, you’re probably not getting the best leads.

Look at your 10 latest blog posts and ask yourself – is this really what my ideal buyer persona is looking for? Go ahead. We’ll wait!

Does it lead people from that “just looking” stage all the way through “ready to talk”?

Marketing jargon for this process is the “sales funnel.” With “just looking” being the top, “deciding on a solution” in the middle, and “I’m ready to talk to you” at the very skinny bottom.

A lead may come in at the top of the funnel, fill out a form, and download a piece of content. But it’s your job to send nurture them into the middle of the funnel and then the bottom of the funnel by sending more relevant content to help them in their decision-making process. When they exit this funnel, they should have requested a direct consultation, demo, or meeting with a sales member.

This means you need plenty of content for every stage of that buyer’s journey.

How to fill out your “sales funnel”

Top of the funnel: ToFu Premium Content offers will often cover the same topics as your blog articles, but will provide a more educational dive into the subjects. These are often presented in the form of tutorial or “how-to” ebooks, whitepapers, checklists or infographics.

Middle of the funnel: MoFu Premium Content offers will be centered on your company’s products or services, rather than purely educational content. At this stage it’s fine to talk more about the difference between you and the competition. This is often accomplished well in case studies, webinars, etc.

Bottom of the funnel: The simplest of all, the BoFu landing page allows visitors to request to speak to you. These landing pages don’t need to offer downloadable content – just a promise that you will be in touch soon. Common examples include offers for a free analysis or consultation, as well as the tried-and-true “contact us” page.


  • Create more content to provide more opportunities for your leads to convert
  • Create content for your buyer persona
  • Create content for various stages of the sales funnel

More than being about the number of pages on your website, having “enough” content is about making sure there is plenty of variety for all preferences and stages of your prospective customers.

Let’s go create great content!