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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Virtual Assistant Services

Posted by carisa on February 4, 2009

The best modern-era solution to costly traditional office assistants, Virtual Assistant Services are varied jobs through the internet, email, phone, fax and a lot of other communication channels imaginable, however the amount that can be saved will be quite unimaginable. Just imagine delegating backdoor jobs right at the comfort of wherever you are, without the need to actually go to your office and instruct assistants about jobs needed to be done at the time you need them most, thus, saving you of your precious time, equipment, recruitment and training cost and other overhead cost.

From administrative, information processing, web design and management to a lot of other creative services, virtual assistants amazingly provide for an agreed time and cost. Therefore, a small, medium or even a large scale business gets all the best in concentrating on the most strategic business development aspects and benefit a tremendous business growth and even a quality personal life.

Benefit Your Business with a Virtual Staff

Posted by Jessica Madrazo on September 24, 2007

Some businesses are rooted on tradition and custom, but revolutionizes on innovation and modification. Routines are highly dependable, and it is reasonable to think twice before a new move, based on craze, is made in a company.

There is an emerging trend in the arena of business staffing. With it comes a financial system which is found, not only to be more cost-efficient, but also more proficient. Hiring a Virtual Assistant offers a company more than just the benefit of imitating the big corporations, and these are the reasons why these giants opt for a VA.

1. Furnishing, equipment, and environment—A Virtual Assistant works in their own location, and there is no need to provide any office space, or rearrange the office to create a more conducive environment.

2. Training and background—Specific tasks are given to a Virtual Assistant. It is expected they are proficient in the latest tools and technology in the field they are in, and thus, do not require any training. Cut, not only on the cost, but also on the time.

3. Time, work schedules and absences—Bring an end to the need of creating an ideal work schedule to distribute the time. A virtual assistant merely needs the task description, and a deadline. A project is completed on time, and the client only pays for the actual working time; water cooler chats, bathroom visits, and coffee breaks not included. Work stoppage will never be a problem with a Virtual Assistant resource pool. An available assistant will always be ready to take over in any situation.

4. Confidentiality—Upon signing in a Virtual Assistant, a confidentiality agreement is signed. Thus, there is no need to worry about vital company information and data leaked in the elevator or over coffee.

5. Cost, cost, cost—When hiring a VA, aside from lower costs compared to hiring an office staff, you save on investment spent on apparatus. Virtual Assistant employment does not require fringe benefits as health insurance, vacation pays, and wage deductions. Overhead costs are covered by the VA’s themselves.