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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anything More With RP Outsourcing?

Posted by carisa on February 17, 2009

Dubbed these days as the “sunshine” industry, the once undervalued business, now amid the current global economic recession, has once again proved its unexpected might.  Business Process Outsourcing has successfully generated $6 -billion revenue last year, and positively targeting $8 billion this year. In a bid to be one of the top outsourcing location in the world, representing the BPO sector, the Business Processing Association of the Philippines  unveiled new programs to widen its path to get to the peak namely, language skills, competency assessment, scholarship programs and leadership training aimed to further develop local talents. But in an industry where strong partnership, collaboration of brilliant ideas and confidentiality are involved, there could be no shortcut to glory. Let’s trace the shadow of our outsourcing models. India’s case is much like the Philippines that, as an offshore partner, possesses the niche to be chosen as one good location by clients abroad. English-speaking workforce, pool of talents, and cultural flexibility still remain as constant criteria in the competition. What else do we need to work on? What other attractive offering to post? Maybe we might just have overlooked on a minor but blowing idea. How about offering an added value that goes beyond cost and fulfillment of a client’s business needs? Consider expertise, yes, it is a cutting-edge advantage that unfortunately others maybe offering but with a corresponding added premium. Would it be an uncommon innovation that stands alone aside from the commonly campaigned quality?