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Monday, May 3, 2010

Keyword Analysis – A Search Engine Optimization Factor

Posted by Blog Administrator on December 29, 2009

A productive Search Engine Optimization campaign begins with a keyword research and analysis, using keywords that target the searches of your audience and bring your website to high search engine rankings. In order to rank in the search engine results pages (SERP’s), a web site has to have a position of pertinence to the search engine for a given search phrase. This is usually achieved by having a keyword rich content on the promoted site that coincides with the search term that the internet user types into the textbox. In organic search engine optimization, there are several factors that affect the ranking for a search term. Each search engine sites has their own exclusive set of criteria that they use to determine which web site is most relevant and most used by the users for that specific term. Search engine rankings or votes are then calculated by a complex search engine algorithm. And because websites in the top of the rankings can benefit with the quality traffic generated, search engine providers keeps on changing their algorithms.

Even though the search engine sites such as yahoo, google, and bing are careful with the exact formula and algorithm that they use to boost up the rankings of web sites, there have been several techniques discovered that when applied, produce favorable results.

Keywords are the main components of an effective search engine optimization campaign and any Search Engine Optimization staffs would prefer that it is always keyword research first before anything else. The basic rule in search engine optimization is that content is the boss. So, it is important to make your content keyword rich as well as accurate and informative in order to generate quality traffic towards your website. The first thing you need to do in an optimization campaign is always the keyword research and analysis. To find the search terms that are generating traffic for the topic that you want to rank or voted for, you need to find out what the internet users are searching for whether it is a product, business, food, etc. This may be accomplished by several different ways however the most common way is to use a keyword selector tool.

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