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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Problem with Blogging

Posted by Jessica Madrazo on July 3, 2009

Working in an industry that pays you to blog carries about difficulties that most bloggers face, with some additional toppings. Going to work everyday, churning your brains to dish out about four blogs on a client’s service or product creates a thin film that seems to block the usual consciousness of those who blog for personal reasons. It creates the illusion that it’s okay to flood out all thoughts and publish them on the web. It creates a false illusion that yes, the whole of the internet is your friend.

So you publish a post, receive both positive AND negative feedback, and all of a sudden, you say, well, it’s my personal blog. You cannot hold what I say against me because they are purely my opinions. No matter how rotten I write it, no matter how intrusive the topics, no matter how dangerously private the information is, others should not care because this is no longer for the company. These are my own opinions. Wrong.

Writing something and publishing it on the web for all the world to see is no longer something as private as an email to your closest friends. It is there, everyone can see it, and everyone also has the right to place whatever opinions they have about it. You both have equal rights. Face the facts. You get immediate responses, both bad and good. And this is the juice of the brilliance of blogging.

If you’re not open to face the facts, you either cut back on writing, or, swallow your disillusionment and deal with it.

There are a lot of wasted internet space that talk about the nonsensical world. However, that is not for me, or any reader tojudge. The blogsphere is a medium for those with similar ideas to converge, communicate, and share. And, whether we like it or not, there are those who share the same love of the supposed nonsense of who their favorite heroes are, or whether Megan Fox is as hot as the movies portray her to be.

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