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HP Outsourcing’s new and improved generator guarantees continuous operations

Posted on May 7, 2014

HP Outsourcing has the perfect answer to unexpected power interruptions: a bigger and better generator.

Installed on April 13, 2014, the new Cummins 100KVA Diesel Generator set can provide around 100,000 kilowatts of power, which is more than enough to supply electricity to all 120 desktop units (including server computers), 32 laptops, 17 air conditioner units, light fixtures and all other pieces of equipment and devices used in all four operational floors of the HP Outsourcing Inc. Davao base.

Installed on April 13, 2014, the new Cummins 100KVA Diesel Generator can provide around 100,000 kilowatts of power.

It can, in fact, supply power for up to 24 hours, provided that it has enough fuel, thus guaranteeing continuous operations and minimal delays in production.

But it’s not without a few hiccups. Employees are requested to shutdown all desktop computers for a few minutes before the generator is manually powered on or off to let it stabilize before providing power, and prevent power surges when the electricity returns. As a result, employees working on desktop computers have an average of five minutes downtime daily.

While UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems may be able to resolve the downtime issue, its high cost per unit may not make it a possible option.

The new generator set of HP Outsourcing Inc., which runs on diesel, guarantees continuous operations and minimal delays in production provided that it has enough fuel.

In addition, Internet connection is also noticeably slower when servers and networking systems are running on power provided by the generator.

Nonetheless, the benefits outweigh the setbacks. Employees agree that the new generator has been a big help for them in accomplishing their tasks. The minimal downtime meant that they will be able to submit all deliverables at the end of the day, without the need to file for extension.

And since the new generator set is powerful enough to support all air conditioner units installed on all floors, employees won’t have to endure the sweltering heat of the summer months during power outages.

But even with a better generator, time management and backing up all work progress are still necessary to make sure all deadlines are met by the end of the day.

System administrators recommend:

  • Taking advantage of off-peak hours, such as the early hours of the morning or during lunch break, when bottlenecks are less likely to occur due to minimal bandwidth usage. This ensures that all your tasks are finished by the end of the day.


  • Saving all progress at least once every minute to avoid having to re-do work when your desktop unit unexpectedly shuts down due to the power outage. It is also much advisable to save a copy of important files, charts and work progress in office servers instead of backing them up locally to make sure that you still have updated copies in case your computer system gets corrupted.