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Geotarget Local Helps Companies Take Advantage of Google’s July 2014 Updates

Posted on September 2, 2014

Google’s latest significant update to its search algorithms went live in July of 2014, and many local businesses are seeing significant changes in their rankings. Though the change has been good for some sites, there are other companies that have been dismayed to find that they are no longer ranking well for their key terms of choice. Geotarget Local is ready to get to work on behalf of those who have been negatively impacted by the changes, or who want to seek to benefit from the update.

In the search engine optimization community, the latest changes are being referred to as the “Pigeon” update. While Google has not yet been as forthcoming about the nature of the changes as it had about some previous updates, they have said that they wanted to tie the generation of their local search results more closely together with the broader algorithms used by the site.

The results observed by individual companies has been mixed. According to Tim Walker, Geotarget Local’s lead developer, “It’s been clear for a long time that local seo is critical to the ability of small businesses to attract attention online. Google’s focus on local search has made it a lot easier for community retail and service establishments to compete with national sites in their search rankings.”

Walker’s company believes that the latest algorithm changes could be a big opportunity for small businesses. He explains, “Every time Google issues a large update, it leaves some sites better off and others worse. More importantly, it creates a window of opportunity for sites to improve their performance. There will always be some people out there who are slow to react, and the ones who don’t wait and start doing what they can to get the most out of the latest algorithm update can seize the advantage and attract a lot more traffic.”