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5 Ways to Streamline and Improve Your PPC Advertising

Posted on June 13, 2014

Pay per click (PPC) advertising can be annoying and confusing, but with these PPC tips, you can break it down and streamline your PPC advertising, making it easier to improve upon what might not be working.

1.  Use Google AdWords

Many businesses overlook the Google AdWords component of a PPC account. However, proper use of AdWords is vital to streamlining a PPC campaign. Its automated features, including sorting your ads based on the target location—local, national, and global—and managing and suggesting keywords, can help lower the amount of time you spend organizing your PPC.

2.  Location, Location, Location

A lot of businesses also neglect to include information about their business’ location in the body of their PPC advertising. However, it’s important to include this information in your keyword phrases in order to streamline where your ads are placed based on a certain area’s potential client traffic. Location information helps direct your content to the right client traffic in the right places.

3.  Find Your Target Audience

Speaking of “the right places,” location is also important in targeting the right audience for your ads. When you are creating your streamlined national campaign, be sure to set up your PPC ads so they target your ideal client base in order to increase traffic.

4.  Use Negative Keywords

If you’re not already, begin adding negative keywords to your PPC. Negative keywords can help make sure your ads get the ideal ranking and are placed in the right locations. If you cut them out entirely, on the other hand, you stand to lose out on a lot of business.

5.  Test It

If a PPC strategy is going to sustain itself, it should be tested first. If you really want to condense your PPC campaign, make test time available; doing so will allow you to find current and potential issues, so you can fix them right away, making it easier to streamline your PPC and bring it to maturity.