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Friday, January 16, 2009

The SEO Writer Value Meal

Posted by Jessica Madrazo on October 29, 2008

SEO Writers are different from print writers. SEO writers eat, breathe, and live on keywords. Unlike print where one can use any system he/she is most comfortable with: 1. think of a topic, 2. write the article, and 3. wave the title for last; or go juggle your 1, 2, 3’s, SEO writing on the other hand, depends on a specific system, bound by drawn parameters, and trapped in a space, and glittered with talent sparkles. And most of the time, when working for an outsourcing company, there is no he or she, rather, only it, THE content writer. This is to assure a client of full coverage depending on the needs, with a substitute ready for any unpredictable episodes, the output preserved and still in standard.

As for the process, before an SEO writing project even commences, they need to receive a detailed content outsourcing work order from the client, stating the topic they are to write about, sometimes, along with certain titles clients would like them to use, or previous write-ups they would prefer the writer to evolve around. Once this is ascertained, it is time to identify the keywords you are to scatter your article with, and trail your words around these definites. This is the aspect where some web writers differ. Some, especially those only beginning to enter the scene, might find themselves writing a full article, only to rewrite, restructure, or replace certain words to correlate more with the keywords defined. As time progresses and the craft ceases to be one but rather, becomes more of a habit, keywords are written fluidly as the article is being built around ideas.

The average 450 word article most SEO content writers from the Philippines can spin in an hour would reach 2. Anything over two spun article in an hour would most likely be identified as poor content, with questionable grammar, badly placed keywords, and lost ideas. This writing requirement that is placed on web writers is another ingredient in the normal daily writing routine. It is necessary to spin, sometimes as much as 5 articles from a single base article written. The base article taking longer to write than the rest of course.

If you have any doubts on outsourcing your content writers to populate your website, submit entries for your blogs, or write your press releases, just remember: 1. it would take them half the time to write the articles, 2. they could take one look at your article and generate the keywords from repetitive visits to keyword tools, 3. they could shred an article ala blender and put it back together in no time. All those, within your set time, standards, and budget.