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Friday, January 16, 2009

Why Consider Outsourcing Services in the Philippines?

Posted by rommel olido on October 14, 2008

The growing demands for Offshore Outsourcing services have strengthened the potential of the Philippines Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to become a global leader in this industry. Philippines have already stepped out of India’s shadows as strategic destination for outsourcing. This is supported by reports that India is losing competitive edge in this industry because of the emergence of various BPO service providers across Asia Pacific Region.

Filipinos show great passion and skills in the field of Information Technology. The high quality and low cost of work has attracted many foreign companies to engage in outsourcing with our country. Moreover, it has effectively provided these entities with competitive strategies undeniably vital in any business.

The technology-enabled services like web development, creative design, virtual assistant and search-engine optimization are commonly outsourced in this industry. Outsourcing is the process of contracting business functions to a BPO service provider. The services also include business planning and analysis, as well as the installation, management, and servicing of the network and workstations.

Philippines is now finally, regarded as the top destination of business process outsourcing. The support of Philippine government in this industry and the large pool of IT work force have made this industry visible worldwide. Our country consistently improves its economy due to revenues gained from this industry. Expert said that business process outsourcing in our country would not be affected by global financial crisis; instead, the demands for outsourced services will continue to grow in the coming years.

The Real Dangers of Outsourcing to the Philippines

Posted by Jessica Madrazo on September 12, 2007

There is a constant resistance for companies to outsource to Philippines. Most are convinced that outsourcing can never equate to the standards they are able to set as compared to hiring on board employees. With no experience with outsourcing, when convinced to do so, it is typically believed that mainstream is the safest way to go; contract with an established outsourcing country which already ranks on the top of the charts.

When outsourcing to Asian countries, there are a multitude of disapproving aspects that cause doubts. The Philippines for example, is one of the countries slowly rising in the field of outsourcing. What are the dangers that attach themselves with the decision to outsource to the Philippines?

1. Abdication of control— Out of sight, out of mind. The greatest threat to outsourcing is the idea that you relinquish all control over your project and turn it over to the outsourcing firm, who has only a very vague idea of what you are and what you offer. In this case, the cliché is absolutely untrue. All  pieces of information is gathered, provided all details are given to the outsourcing company, this problem would be non-existent. In the case of the need for the actual people to be visible, many companies now offer a way of viewing your team process your projects through video streaming. If this matter is important for you, choose an outsourcing firm offering this addition.

  1. Pricing—Typically, the reason for choosing to outsource instead of hiring is cost efficiency. Outsourcing is incomparably cheaper than hiring actual employees, and even onshore outsourcing. Ergo, you expect the lowest rates possible. Some companies do not necessarily follow the bottom trend and can only offer premium prices. As long as their quality is at par, or even better, with their set price, you will always be on the winning side.
  1. Deadline—With the circumstance evident in outsourcing, reminding your outsourced workforce is no the same with updating your tangible personnel. In some cases, deadlines are often extended, disturbing your time table. Contrary to this belief, outsourcing firms in the Philippines always perceive deadline submission as yesterday. For these firms, where visibility is absent, product is all that matters.
  1. Specifics—Instead of giving the “how to’s” that come along with the package, they bombard you with useless details you have no use of. When request of details are given on a project, always clarify what things you expect to find out from your outsourcing firm. This gives them an idea, not only of your expected output, but also the information you are anticipating from them before the completion of the project.
  1. Disappointment—Most clients always start on the pessimistic side, it is always expected that along the way, some disappointments are doomed to happen. But the truth is, in the Philippines, offshore outsourcing is considered as a very dangerous business to be in. With nothing but your product to represent you, there is a constant awareness that a single disappointment can act like a bomb.