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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why More Companies Prefer to Outsource Their IT Consulting Service Needs

Posted by Blog Administrator on December 2, 2009

The dawn of technology has greatly influenced the trading industry across the globe. With the increasing demand for IT solutions, the need to hire competent work force is the first thing that crosses the mind of every business proprietors. The necessity intensified when they recognized the role of the internet as a popular avenue for business promotion as well as a noble profession— an IT consultant. Although some businessmen have hired their own professional consultants in the company, still many of them preferred to outsource their IT consulting services needs.

After putting up a business, it is but normal that the company starts with a minimum number of personnel that would handle various office positions. The head, as expected would handle the general issues, including IT tasks (keeping tabs on information and communication files and records of the business, and so on). However, when the company starts to grow, things can get out of hand. Hiring a professional IT consultant will take so much time so as to hire the best one and that the fastest recourse would be outsourcing.

Aside from the efficient handling of various IT needs, outsourcing has become a cost effective business solution.  The mere fact that a business is a money-making establishment and that competition is tough, business professionals these days are “trying to make more out of less”, as they would say it. Generally outsourcing companies offer their services at a much lower cost but are spared from getting extra benefits. That is why more companies are benefiting from outsourcing services. Aside from paying quality services at the most reasonable prices, they do not need to provide equipments or machineries and so extra expenditures are limited.

Outsourcing is considered as an efficient business strategy especially for the aspiring business professionals who have just started their own businesses. Even multinational companies have already embraced outsourcing as to deal with the ongoing global financial turmoil. With the escalating IT related needs, outsourcing would take the business industry to a different level.

Dedicated Outsource Staff

Posted by Blog Administrator on November 23, 2009

The holiday season is fast approaching. This is the time for great vacations away from the busy world. For some, traveling abroad is the next best thing to have while others flock the nearest amusement centers for a quick getaway. The very reason why some people spend the holidays at home is that nobody’s taking over the business. It is sad to think that you are giving up on a luxurious cruise or holiday escapade because of business tasks that needs a daily update. Others even spend their entire holidays in the office just to cope with the demands of the season. Purchases are at its peak during the holidays. For concerns such as these, outsourcing of office staff may be the best option. This dedicated outsourced staffs are working 24/7 to keep your business going while you enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Business professionals may think that the holiday season is the best time to generate profit, but with outsourcing, a grand vacation is better. It may sound unreasonable if you keep your workforce on duty when this is the only chance for them to do a lot of merry-making activities. Hiring a dedicated outsource staff is a good strategy that would help you run the business while the rest of the world is on  break. These people are professionals that were carefully trained to perform accurately for a certain job. So instead of working, why not consider hiring outsourced staffs. Taking quality breaks away from work is a lot of fun when you know your business is in good hands.

Why is Philippines Preferred Over Other Countries for Outsourcing Information Technology

Posted by Blog Administrator on

As technology goes with time so is the growth of the business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines. In 2008 alone, almost 300,000 were employed in various business process outsourcing companies thriving in the country.  Although Philippines at present is only second to India in terms of supplying workface in the BPO industry, various IT services were already developed in just a  short span of time.  There are already a number of Information Technology Outsourcing provider companies emerging in the Philippines. If not in programming, people are employed in web designing and many other IT outsourcing job description. This alone shows that Filipinos are well oriented with the innovation of technology.

Statistic shows that the Philippines is now considered as one of the top IT outsourcing providers aside from India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. The number of international companies investing in BPO and ITO sectors in the country has also escalated. Here are some reasons why these companies consider investing in the Philippines.

- First, the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training a Filipino employee is a lot cheaper as compared to the first world countries.

- Second, there are plenty of skilled workers in the Philippines plus the proper IT training that the students receive makes them efficient once employed.

- The demand for business process outsourcing will continue to grow with time thus creating endless possibilities for employment. The Philippines especially Davao city is a great place for IT outsourcing industry where cross-cultural relationship can grow and prosper, for both Filipino and foreign business professionals.

Internet Marketing Solution that Works

Posted by Blog Administrator on

Are you searching for an internet marketing solution that actually works for your kind of niche? Is the internet marketing solution you are using in your business at present is already taking your venture to another level? If yes, then move forward and generate sales as much as possible. But if your internet marketing solution is not paying off despite the hard work then consider some room for improvement.  Here are some suggestions on how to address unreliable internet solutions.
The first thing you have to consider is that your internet marketing solution should entrust an affordable search engine optimization services that would generate more customers online. Access to the internet has been preferred by the majority since it is the quickest way to keep in touch with the world. And so, if you want your online business to thrive longer and generate profit then come up with a website that would generate more customers. Aside from the attractive designs and animations, your website must only speak about what is true with the products or services that your company is offering. This will draw attention to users.

Another solution for internet marketing concerns is through an email submission or marketing campaign. Aside from being easy, you can come up with various ways on how to effectively promote your desired products. One of the easiest campaign mode is through email opt form or an autoresponder. It’s a text-based script via email. This text in return can be utilized as an advertisement or a web site promotion.

And lastly, be sure to have links for your website. If you have affiliates or sponsors, you can use them by gathering their links and submitting your site’s link to them also. Use an auto responder to send these out to users on your mailing list and to any new potential clients that have visited your site. In doing such, you can increase your site’s ranking as well as generate as much quality traffic needed for your online business to prosper.

IT Outsourcing Dominates the Globe

Posted by Blog Administrator on November 16, 2009

In this era of business globalization, outbound or offshore Information Technology outsourcing is playing an important role in the growth of the economy. While many countries are still stricken by the devastating economic turmoil, many have already considered an alternative to keep the business cycle moving. As the demand for offshore outsourcing increased, countries like the Philippines have managed to produce the best IT consulting services outsourcing or the IT outsourcing business around the globe. Services are getting better as new technology is already adapted by the efficient people in the industry.

There are two categories that IT outsourcing handles like IT Enabled Services (ITES) and Software Development Outsourcing Services (SDES). Software Development Outsourcing services settles with application development, system integration, database management and IT consultancy services, while IT Enabled Services is dynamically classified in different divisions which includes medical transcription services, Online Education and training, Call Centers, data processing and digitization.
And because the demand for these services are already escalating, job opportunities as well as profit generation is at hand. In 2006 alone, the ITES gained billions of dollars as revenue. Same holds true for the SDES.  It is said that three countries including the Philippines have benefited a portion of that revenue.

Offshore IT outsourcing started way back in the nineties. At that time, first world countries were already considering offshore outsourcing services since it is a lot cheaper.  The cost of hiring an American web developer in an American web development company in comparison to hiring a Filipino web developer differs a lot. Though the outsourcing services in the Philippines are a lot cheaper, competency in terms of skill and product output is still in its highest quality.

Philippine outsourcing offers a wide range of services including website application development services which is becoming more popular worldwide. The main advantage of Filipinos over other competing countries is that they speak and write in fluent English making American business companies outsource to the Philippines.  When IT outsourcing is now considered as a major contributor in the fast recovery of companies greatly affected by the economic crisis, it is now dominating the globe in terms of job production as well as income generation.

Offshore Outsource Solution – The Solution You Need

Posted by Blog Administrator on

In the business sector these days, ‘Offshore Outsource Solution’ has become a magical key phrase in most businesses. Aside from promising innovation and personal growth to your work, it entails a very minimal cost.  What is offshore outsourcing by the way? Offshore outsourcing is the process of hiring a foreign organization or individual to perform some business related functions or tasks in a country where that kind of service is being offered. It is also termed as off shoring, wherein the work is performed in  another country and that the payment are based on the number of hours that was spent in order to finish a certain task assigned by the client. These days, the Information Technology (IT) sector is the most common outsourced services. Companies coming from the first world countries in the United States, United Kingdom and France, outsource some business functions to the Philippines which is now considered as one of the leading outsourcing country in the world.

Offshore outsourcing is considered to be in demand especially to telemarketing services. Aside from saving a lot of time and money, the company no longer needs another department in the office to handle such function. Skilled workforce is available at a lower cost that is why despite the lesser investment by the company, high performance output is still retained. Philippines hold a number of skilled graduates, IT professionals and engineers making the country the best source of offshore business process outsourcing. Aside from the technical skills, Filipinos are known to have the largest population with good English background. The main reason why the demand for offshore outsourcing has greatly increased is that global competitiveness is acquired in the most cost efficient way.

Unveiling the World of a Virtual Assistant

Posted by rowena on

These days where competition is getting tougher, looking for a job may seem difficult especially to those who lack the necessary credits. However, the world of Virtual Assistance has created equal opportunities for anyone who wishes to become one. In this modern era, computer technology is becoming the ticket towards any financial success. Knowledge on the basics of computer operations can now be your key in achieving your goals in life.

Virtual assistance may sound like an easy thing to do but it covers a lot of functions depending on the needs of your client. A Virtual assistant’s (VA’s) main task can either be secretarial or administrative and he/she can perform the job from home as long as there is a convenient access to the internet. VA’s must also be familiar with the common communication devices such as the email and facsimile. Tasks from the client for certain projects are either directed through email or over the phone and you must be very attentive to every detail that your client is conveying. With the absence physical presence, miscommunications can occur inevitably.

Some of the common tasks of virtual assistants include email correspondence or answering calls on behalf of the client. Instead of hiring additional office manpower which entails time, effort and money, some companies opt for virtual assistants that can perform the same quality output. Aside from being a lot cheaper, companies do not need to fill the office space with another table and chair.

Through the years, the demand for outsourcing has escalated. It was considered as a major alternative when the global recession hit the market. Although business finances were greatly affected by the economic downturn, companies are still taking chances on the virtual world. That makes outsourcing the most in demand item in the market with virtual assistance on top of the list.

Considering that this type of job requires certain skills about computer and other related technical functions, dedication to work is given much worth.

Top BPO Service Provider

Posted by Blog Administrator on November 5, 2009

There are many outsourcing companies that are emerging these days. Among these numbers only one stood out as very competent in the business, Hubport Interactive. The company is a BPO Service provider with brand service Outsource IT to the Philippines or OIT2P as one of their products.

The company hires individuals who are professionals and very well versed in various fields that are required. This is to make certain of the on time submission of the finest quality outputs as possible. Employees are trained to professionally accommodate every client’s concern within the scope of the outsourced job description and meet their expectations. In order to accommodate the increasing demands of the web technology, the company has invested in enhancing their facilities. This is to hinder the barrier in communication and accessibility.

The management team is highly proficient in their respective grounds. They are working hand in hand with other employees to provide the cost effective and practical solution to the IT needs of the clients here and abroad.

Last August 6-7, 2009, the company joined the ICT Summit Job fair held at Davao Convention and Trade Center. This shows that the company is willing to help in the development of a well balanced society by providing jobs in order to augment living conditions. The growing number of its client all over the world is a manifestation of how well-trusted, how efficient and how competent the company is when it comes to providing quality BPO services.

Overseas Employment and Outsourcing Competition

Posted by Blog Administrator on

Outsourcing has been contributing a lot in terms of income generation in some countries.  The usual and common source of income has always been overseas employment. It is still considered as a major source of financial support for the majority these days but unfortunately, it was not able to cope with the escalating demands of unemployment.

Outsourcing has already accommodated thousands of brilliant minded people who were not lucky enough to land a decent job here and abroad. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies have somewhat reduced the increasing percentage of unemployment rate especially in the third world countries.

As compared with outsourcing, overseas employment also creates  global competition. Countries like the Philippines, India, Indonesia, China, Pakistan and Egypt are now competing for the top spot as to the source of skilled and unskilled workers alike.

The same thing holds true with outsourcing. Outsourcing services such as business process outsourcing, medical transcription, web design and customer service are now dominating in the market as far as demand is concerned. That is why many countries are increasing its manpower in this field in order to cope with the effects of the global financial turmoil. The greater the demand, the higher chances of generating profit.
Here are the top competing countries being considered as the major destination for any outsourcing services:

1.    India
2.    Philippines
3.    Ireland
4.    China
5.    Brazil
6.    Poland
7.    Vietnam
8.    Canada
9.    Mexico
10.    Russia

Listings may differ depending on the source of information but Philippines have remained as one of the top competitors. Outsourcing and overseas employment are almost similar. The only difference is that outsourcing services can be rendered without leaving the country.  These days, outsourcing has been the fad for many home-based careers.

Hiring A Professional Virtual Assistant

Posted by Blog Administrator on November 4, 2009

There will be a time when you get so busy with your business that you need to prioritize things. Too much engagement in action may hinder the operation and can slow down your business. Hiring additional personnel will put you in a risk of, add to that the delay in the recruitment process since you have to find the right person to fill the job. You also need to train a worker even from an employment agency.

So, what can you opt for? Search and hire a professional virtual assistant!

How do you search for a good one? First thing to do, use the internet. Nowadays, hundreds of companies are offering outsourcing services online like virtual assistant who provides administrative, technical or creative assistance to a business. It is a sort of “share me your work load” scheme that can help you gain more time for other important things.

There are 3 set-ups for virtual assistants:

1.    Freelancer or home based – usually operated at home by individuals
2.    Around the clock staff – offered by a company with multiple shifts of virtual assistants
3.    Dedicated virtual staff – a hybrid version of the two, often specializing in a particular or many skills

Various types of services are offered depending on your requirements:

1.    Accounting and bookkeeping services
2.    Copywriting services like articles, blogs, web contents or press release
3.    Receptionist services like screening/forwarding, appointment scheduling, e-mail/fax services and message handling
4.    Administrative and secretarial services
5.    Professional assistance
6.    Translation and transcription services
7.    Marketing and advertising solution
8.    Public relation management services
9.    Webmaster services

And, these are the 3 basic contracts used when you hire one:

1.    Hourly – per hourly rate
2.    Per-project agreement – rate depends on the size of the project
3.    Retainer – agreement based on a specific time period

Being aware of the requirements needed in hiring a professional virtual assistant can benefit both parties and avoid possible circumstances.