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4 Takeaways in Developing the Skill Sets of Mobile App Developer

Posted on October 15, 2014

Companies across various industries, including those non-technology ones, are now entering the world of a mobile app developer. This can help businesses build new business models, retouch technical skills, adopt new design mindset and acquire better results.

However, for some starters, this could lead into two problems like:

1. Building apps from scratch without the basic knowledge of the right mobile application architecture.

2. Hiring less experienced mobile developers who don’t have the skill to develop a secure and  scalable app that will generate enterprise-grade results.

As many establishments taking the advantage of mobile developers for the first time, here are four key concepts to remember:

Focus on transformative apps

Don’t squander on any platform that won’t add value or improve your user experience. Instead, give way to business-changing or transformative apps that fundamentally change the way people work. Transformative apps  can help build new revenue systems, improve brand awareness, develop service and advance industries.

Create a development team of various skill level

Many companies don’t know how to scale their mobile architecture, while many went through countless failures or low-value projects before realizing the need for a focused strategy. Although finding skilled mobile developers is easy, finding those who have enforced integrated enterprise-grade apps is more challenging.

By building a team of mobile app developers with varying skill levels, designating both novices and experts, can help you focus on mobile agility and create transformative concepts for mobile apps.

Learn from those who have gone before you

Hire skilled mobile strategists and developers. Establishing new businesses doesn’t mean creating a new mobile architecture. Today, tons of on-premises and cloud development platforms are readily available for developers.

Unlike the development in the past, some mobile app enterprises progress the hard way. They require sophisticated data management, integration with business systems, security and use of services like notifications and geolocation.

Nowadays, many projects are delivered by small, quick teams, enabling blistering delivery of new capabilities. However, this brought a new issue- the technical aspects of app development (apps scaling and layered security approaches) are often overlooked.

Continue learning new skills

Focusing on one mobile operating system or platform can limit you, rendering you to develop an inflexible skill set. Thus, app developers must be in the loop with the constantly changing technology landscape.

One way to do this is to engage with mobile groups and meet-ups. Mobile-focused groups can provide you with possible solutions to some issues you have faced on mobile changes. They may also give you a broad view of how technology changes and some starter’s actions.

As many companies now entering the world of a mobile app developer, business leaders cannot simply rely on the “build it and they will come” philosophy. It’s essential that you build the team, and create a focused strategy and architecture that will generate the foundation of mobile app sucess.